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    vBulletin 4.1.5 Beta 1 Live

    • Now running vBulletin 4.1.5 Nightly Build 45641 (07-07-11 18:41:01 CDT)
    • At least 12 new code corrections.
    • New moderators have been added.
    • Internal reports the site is running slow are being investigated.
    • Now running vBulletin 4.1.5 Nightly Build 45571 (07-06-11 16:55:52 CDT).
    • This update includes 34+ bug fixes, changes, improvements.
    • Session cookie time-out period has been lowered, but Remember Me and Facebook Connect should off-set members being timed out for inactivity.
    • SQL tables were updates and repaired. A number of maintenance tasks were also performed.
    • Server restart.
    • Memcache turned back on.
    • vBOptimise turned back on.
    • Now using additional anti-spam verification.
    • Changed auto-moderation spam detection.
    • No links in signatures until at least 10 posts. Signature spam checking still enabled >10.
    • All members who filled out a moderator application prior to 7/1/2011 will likely be brought in as moderators once Randy gets back.
    • Ross may still be viable as a moderator or admin, as well as reghakr if he is willing to follow site rules. TBD.
    • Spam has gone out of control. reCAPTCHA has been turned back on vs. easy registration. Q&A human verification also being brought back.
    • The postbit (user info area) was reverted back to top down -- less code, more signature space, more ad space, less fuss.
    • XP system is off on the postbit due to problems noted by Ciara. System may be replaced or eliminated due to lack of code updates for this add-on.
    • Apture Scroll Bar has been removed.
    • Microsoft Partner Program message moved to all styles.
    • At least 53 new forum bug fixes, improvements, and code revisions (see below).
    • Now running vBulletin 4.1.5 Nightly Build 45262 (06-29-11 17:01:13 CDT)
    • New forum themes have been and are being added.
    • The default theme of Windows7Forums.com has changed.
    • The default theme of Windows8Forums.com has changed.
    • Registered members will no longer be subjected to any advertisements.
    • Efforts have been made to make registration easier for new visitors.
    • Premium Supporter subscriptions are still operating and they continue to have access to extra stuff.
    • Premium Supporter "subscriptions" are no longer on a monthly subscription plan.
    • You can now donate to the site and become a Premium Supporter without having a PayPal account.
    • Google Music Review video launched yesterday with shoddy microphone - new microphone available!
    • The enormous drop-down menu list of forums has been removed due to its ridiculous nature.
    • Postbit legacy now in use and properly centered.
    • Awards have been temporarily de-activated until a better system is in place.
    • Experience and achievements showing on posts again.
    • To protect post integrity, max signature size is 728x90 (from 768x200). Auto-resizing.
    Early nightly builds of vBulletin 4.1.5 Beta 1 are now running live on Windows7Forums.com and Windows8Forums.com. These updated versions of the forum code are not available for general customers, and contain bug fixes.
    1. VBIV-12092 Cannot submit posts using Safari on the iPad
    2. VBIV-11886 Disallowing BB codes in the settings of a forum causes the entire editor toolbar not to be displayed
    3. VBIV-12318 Script error is thrown upon clicking table properties after creating a table
    4. VBIV-12276 Using " as smiley text to replace will cause the smilie popup to insert the smilie text truncated
    5. VBIV-12341 Hovering over center aligned inline attached image makes it shift to the left
    6. VBIV-12328 Insert Image popup displays From Computer tab even when the user doesn't have the permission "Can Upload Attachments"
    7. VBIV-12282 WYSIWYG editor ignores forum_msg_font stylevar
    8. VBIV-12300 CKEditor smilies not functioning with iPhone
    9. VBIV-12384 If "Advanced Insert Image Popup" is disabled, inserting an image from URL always attempts to retrieve remote file and reference it locally
    10. VBIV-12318 Script error is thrown upon clicking table properties after creating a table
    11. VBIV-12369 Unable to insert image from URL if "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" is selected
    12. VBIV-11158 Non-ASCII characters (umlauts, accented chars, etc) don't work in the mobile style.
    13. VBIV-8550 Slow query in newreply.php Removed postid from order clause
    14. VBIV-8658 code review of includes/class_dm_blog.php
    15. VBIV-12305 method_exists segfaults if the class is non-existent
    16. VBIV-5226 updated language variables to reflect the limited returned list
    17. VBIV-9827 Extra closing bracket in member.css
    18. VBIV-4252 Templates postbit and postbit_legacy - some ugly differents
    19. VBIV-4876 Thread Display Options, New Line Issues
    20. VBIV-12421 Parse Upgrade Language Using Other Encodings
    21. VBIV-9456 Remove #usercp_content .formcontrols .blockrow .description {}
    22. VBIV-8033 Uncached template when moving thread
    23. VBIV-9363 Option pagenavpages doesn't perform as advertised
    24. VBIV-8628 Comments of unregistered users don't show up in CMS widget "Recent CMS Comments"
    25. VBIV-8608 Code Review includes/class_dm_threadpost.php
    26. VBIV-5787 Viewing pm's or pm folders isn't marked in the UserCP navigation
    27. VBIV-9148 Comment thread is "undeleted" for an unpublished article during edit
    28. VBIV-7150 Moderated Posts Display Options
    29. VBIV-4240 postbit and postbit_legacy difference in '<span class="username guest">' for '{vb:raw post.musername}'
    30. VBIV-8864 Double global
    31. VBIV-8657 code errors in "whosonline_resolveip" template - Incorrect styling on Resolve IP Address page
    32. VBIV-7495 Send Page to a Friend / Find Blog Entries
    33. VBIV-1866 Import New Style, Then Not Refreshing the Screen
    34. VBIV-8037 "Delete Posts as Spam" option isn't available when viewing post search results
    35. VBIV-9774 Unclosed image (facebook connect image) on the "Edit Connections" page -- invalid XHTML
    36. VBIV-8678 vbcms_widget_recentcontent_page template error
    37. VBIV-6889 Page Count calculated incorrectly if Plug-in is used
    38. VBIV-6499 Selection area for inline moderation goes outside box
    39. VBIV-5207 postbit.css missing background for threads
    40. VBIV-5539 Editpost template issue
    41. VBIV-5836 processjoinrequests destroys runtime data making it unavailable to plugins
    42. VBIV-8432 User Agent info doesn't wrap on Who's Online screen, exceeds margins
    43. VBIV-8975 Missed prefixes for similar threads (Regression from vB3)
    44. VBIV-8964 Error in class_rss_poster means that enclosure urls cannot be read from an RSS feed
    45. VBIV-7815 Phrase "Required Thread Rating Votes to Show Rating" needs to include Blog & CMS
    46. VBIV-11001 "Recent CMS Content" widget shows incorrect time
    47. VBIV-8632 Several errors in CMS widget "Recent Blog Comments"
    48. VBIV-5477 Favicon filename should be a stylevar
    49. VBIV-9289 Hook request in class_reportitem.php
    50. VBIV-9742 'Blog Categories' title is missing when there are no blog categories
    51. VBIV-5314 group.php showing avatars of members who haven't accepted invitation
    52. VBIV-9074 Styling issue in user notes
    53. VBIV-6601 modify spider xml
    54. VBIV-4241 Template 'postbit' doesn't have {vb:raw template_hook.postbit_start}
    55. VBIV-8351 2x setting of error_level
    56. VBIV-9002 Missed template cache in search.php
    57. VBIV-7887 Hook variable typo in /packages/vbcms/collection/content/section.php
    58. VBIV-9368 Section selection in article editor prevents showing of deeply nested sections
    59. VBIV-9740 Template 'memberaction_dropdown' - Replace rel='nofollow' with rel="nofollow"
    60. VBIV-2767 Calendar can be created without title in Admin CP.
    61. VBIV-6967 Guest instead of user's name
    62. VBIV-10656 Undefined variable in vBForum_Search_Type_Post::add_advanced_search_filters()
    63. VBIV-7948 Administrators can ban even if permissions say no
    64. VBIV-1792 Wrong counter on admincp index
    65. VBIV-8630 Username not displayed for posts of unregistered users in CMS widget "Recent Posts"
    66. VBIV-6926 Users Awaiting Approval group permissions hard coded
    67. VBIV-6017 {vb:number calls the "wrong" function
    68. VBIV-8940 Search ignore cache setting
    69. VBIV-9821 RSS widget --> links not target="_blank"
    70. VBIV-12149 : Memcached Unavailibility results in vBulletin Crash
    71. VBIV-12147 : Incorrect Memcache DB fall back
    72. VBIV-9693 No user feedback when you choose an album with no images (shows images from the wrong album)
    73. VBIV-8816 Missed template cache in social groups
    74. VBIV-9565 Usertitle not shown in calendar "Day View"
    75. VBIV-9940 Extra space between attachments with multiple attachments on create thread page
    76. VBIV-9109 Ad Footer Start template interacts with forum sidebar block
    77. VBIV-10130 $show['canleave '] = false; Extra space in code in profile.php
    78. VBIV-7193 Attachment Viewing Lightbox + Open this attachment in a new browser window?
    79. VBIV-3528 .clear class used without being specified in the CSS
    80. VBIV-7452 New XHTML errors (4.0.3 "regression")
    81. VBIV-1492 Add line to separate post title and post content, as it was in vB3
    82. VBIV-8479 Seach W3C Validation Errors
    83. VBIV-8308 vbcms_article_preview_image should generate a thumb and not use full size image
    84. VBIV-8579 Persisting alert when adding a new article with a duplicate SEO URL
    85. VBIV-8786 forumicon is marked as "new" when new threads in private forum are created he is not allowed to view
    86. VBIV-8873 Use only one jquery Source!
    87. VBIV-10439 Useless CSS template
    88. VBIV-9451 IE6: section widget covers expansion indicators (+) with background color
    89. VBIV-9117 Out of order tags
    90. VBIV-8423 Not valid xhtml 1.0 code in Who online
    91. VBIV-5965 Validation error for template: vbcms_comments_block
    92. VBIV-4538 Album Description
    93. VBIV-1288 Distortion when clicking Post New Thread
    94. VBIV-7197 Initialize Array before calling Hook url_to_bbcode_callback
    95. VBIV-9306 Data validation issues: fields can be blanked and the profile settings saved.
    96. VBIV-9462 Remove "go to unread post" link in one-post-threads
    97. VBIV-9695 "Select an album to view its contents" should display above the <select> not in it
    98. VBIV-7495 Send Page to a Friend / Find Blog Entries
    99. VBIV-10042 Not valid xhtml 1.0 code when there is no album
    100. VBIV-7179 Remove images about PT from vBulletin package
    101. VBIV-7596 Custom Datastore entries being built on every page call
    102. VBIV-11670 Error prevents upgrade from 3.x database with vbblog addon to 4.12. paymentapi table Error
    103. VBIV-11727 Canonical URLs are not being constructed correctly
    104. VBIV-10812 Registration fatal error - Existing data passed is not an array
    105. VBIV-12406 Phishing Security Patch: Domain Whitelist for AdminCP
    106. VBIV-8037 "Delete Posts as Spam" option isn't available when viewing post search results
    107. VBIV-5226 Empty or strange results when finding all posts by a member
    108. VBIV-7150 Deleted/Moderated/New Items: selected Display Options are not carried over when navigating across pages
    109. VBIV-8479 Seach W3C Validation Errors
    110. VBIV-3528 .clear class used without being specified in the CSS
    111. VBIV-12436 CKEditor overwrites custom BB code (CSS)
    112. VBIV-12345 CKEditor: tag appears when you EDIT an article
      [*]VBIV-12408 VB4:Feature: Posted from XYZ Device
      [*]VBIV-7714 Facebook Like it "forgets" who has liked articles
      [*]VBIV-9231 MSNBot Renamed To BingBot
      [*]VBIV-12134 MySQL 5.5 doesn't support current DBalter class
      [*]VBIV-9456 Remove #usercp_content .formcontrols .blockrow .description {}
      [*]VBIV-5477 Favicon filename should be a stylevar
      [*]VBIV-11582 Disable IE8 Compatibility Mode option is backfiring on IE9
      [*]VBIV-12430 Typo in two social group files makes moderation of social group pictures impossible
      [*]VBIV-5099 Duplicate header "date" when using SMTP
      [*]VBIV-12272 Add a Paste as plain text button to the editor
      [*]VBIV-12347 Alignment tags applied to tables don't work
      [*]VBIV-12290 Hardcoded phrases in Insert Image popup
      [*]VBIV-11799 ReCaptcha has changed their URL and we need to update for this
      [*]VBIV-12165 Usertools.php merge action bug
      [*]VBIV-12351 In Source mode, any custom BB code buttons always insert the last custom BB code tags
      [*]VBIV-7502 Article Publish Time an Hour Behind
      [*]VBIV-11382 Recent CMS Comments widget with invalid userid causes fatal error
      [*]VBIV-7115 Database error: Column 'attach' cannot be null
      [*]VBIV-8306 &pagenumber= variable is in hyperlink of the thread title on the first page of any thread
      [*]VBIV-7913 Incorrect stylevar datatypes - notices_shadow_color and member_popupmenu_shadow
      [*]VBIV-11579 New Youtube iframe embed code
      [*]VBIV-12427 Hardcoded phrases in Image Settings popup
      [*]VBIV-10644 vBulletin ignores HTTP protocol version
      [*]VBIV-5226 Correct merge resolution
      [*]VBIV-12010 Inefficient query in private.php
      [*]VBIV-12388 HTML entities displayed incorrectly when editing a Static Page or PHP Direct Evaluation
      [*]VBIV-11702 Duplicate code in thread.php
      [*]VBIV-6796 Clicking "Close" on New Article Creation Saves Blank Article
      [*]VBIV-7754 Fatal error: Call to a member function get_grouped()
      [*]VBIV-2147 Notifications Dropdown Shows New Private Messages for Banned Users
      [*]VBIV-12408 VB4:Feature: Posted from XYZ Device
      [*]VBIV-12427 Hardcoded phrases in Image Settings popup
      [*]VBIV-12471 Update Credits for 4.1.5
      [*]VBIV-10732 Hook Location In vB_Session::fetch_session()
      [*]VBIV-7917 Deleting an User Infraction Group causes its members to be "blocked"
      [*]VBIV-12406 Phishing Security Patch: Domain Whitelist for AdminCP
      [*]VBIV-10802 Tag cloud query in advanced search page is inefficient
      [*]VBIV-3428 Uncached Templates in Search Results
      [*]VBIV-12427 Hardcoded phrases in Image Settings popup
      [*]VBIV-12017 No cursor in FF4
      [*]VBIV-12498 Clicking 'Add Signature Picture' does not work.
      [*]VBIV-6783 CMS section: 20 article limit for 'Per Page' setting
      [*]VBIV-12416 Smilie files named with a ( or ) in it will break the editor
      [*]VBIV-7917 Deleting an User Infraction Group causes its members to be "blocked"
      [*]VBIV-8479 Seach W3C Validation Errors
      [*]VBIV-12389 vB will not send emails to Vertical Response
      [*]VBIV-6101 Canonical URLs are not being enforced correctly
      [*]VBIV-6689 showgroups.php Not Scalable
      [*]VBIV-11692 Forumdisplay pagination title to avoid duplicate title tags
      [*]VBIV-12460 Copy-pasting text in the editor pastes heading tags from original text
      [*]VBIV-12154 Width of "Size" row
      [*]VBIV-8818 cronjob "blog_dailycleanup" runs every minute at three o'clock
      [*]VBIV-5216 Links in Daily notification emails always go to the first post
      [*]VBIV-9336 PHP direct evaluation content cached in php over sessions, even with Cache refresh time = 0
      [*]VBIV-12087 Deleting a user who has a group causes PHP fatal error
      [*]VBIV-11934 Remove <vb:else /><div> </div> from issue solution.
      [*]VBIV-9559 CMS Permissions
      [*]VBIV-6159 'Display Updated Date' has no effect in CMS content
      [*]VBIV-8420 In templates vbcms_content_phpeval_page and vbcms_content_staticpage_page - extra quotes
      [*]VBIV-11371 Events shown on forum home are shown twice in some cases (DST problem)
      [*]VBIV-9115 Hardcoded phrase "Selected post icon"
      [*]VBIV-12424 When creating a blog entry, the user can add as many tags as others can, not as the entry author
      [*]VBIV-5917 vB_Search_SearchController::get_similar_threads() Method Run On Preview
      [*]VBIV-8873 Use only one jquery Source!
      [*]VBIV-8078 $post['islastshown'] calculated twice in showthread.php
      [*]VBIV-11650 Forum Sidebar displays below its button in IE9
      [*]VBIV-7499 Pagination "Next", "Last", "First" and "Prev" are vertically misaligned in Firefox
      [*]Removed VBIV-10802 Tag cloud query in advanced search page is inefficient
      [*]VBIV-2482 Post New Thread button should not be displayed in forums that are a category (but are not set as Closed forums)
      [*]VBIV-2865 Unused extlink css definition
      [*]VBIV-11886 Disallowing BB codes in the settings of a forum causes the entire editor toolbar not to be displayed
      [*]VBIV-5983 Blog Trying To Cache Template That Doesn't Exist - blog_navbar_link_menu and blog_navbar_search
      [*]VBIV-6081 "Send Private Message" in user profiles and "Inbox" link in header displayed also to people that can't send private messages
      [*]VBIV-12573 Upgrade Class's add_cronjob Uses Minute Value for Hour
      [*]VBIV-11650 Forum Sidebar displays below its button in IE9
      [*]VBIV-2804 "Year" field for user's date of birth not validated when editing profile
      [*]VBIV-1261 Unnecessary database query when notices are dismissible
      [*]VBIV-8308 parse_url vbcms_article_preview_image should generate a thumb and not use full size image
      [*]VBIV-11913 enter_list_item Phrase has Been Updated, but Its Details haven't
      [*]VBIV-11460 Full table scan Of user table when user registers or changes email
      [*]VBIV-12304 Converting a numbered list into a bulled list in WYSIWYG mode doesn't work if the numbered list was previously viewed in Source mode
      [*]Reverted VBIV-7499
      [*]VBIV-12465 is_index_word() is not compatible with UTF-8
      [*]VBIV-12460 Copy-pasting text in the editor pastes heading tags from original text
      [*]VBIV-8992 Uncaught mysqli exception during upgrade
      [*]VBIV-12158 Use HTML entity instead of (R) symbol in some phrases
      [*]VBIV-11871 The image file images/misc/forum-rightcorner.png is corrupt and can't be opened.
      [*]VBIV-10716 YourAlertSound.wav in BUDDYLIST template is activated by default [Regression from vB3]
      [*]VBIV-6992 Attachment Quick Search in Admin CP shows results in an incorrect order
      [*]VBIV-12622 CKEditor not creating links when valid url is in the message
      [*]VBIV-12576 New Lines Stripped from Quick Edit when Saving the Changes Using Source Mode
      [*]VBIV-12620 Attachments can't be deleted
      [*]VBIV-12381 Uncached editor templates in some areas
      [*]VBIV-12031 In Post discussion edit flow , qucik editor is misaligned
      [*]VBIV-12615 Table Width Value is Lost when Submitting/Previewing the Message
      [*]VBIV-12575 cms_textedit.js was removed, but it is still referenced in some files
      [*]VBIV-12457 Confirmation message to leave page is displayed when attempting to submit a post that will result in "The message you have entered is too short" error message
      [*]VBIV-12401 PM Quick Reply isn't using the QR editor
      [*]VBIV-12440 Disabling forum setting "Allow [IMG] Code" hides the Insert Image button, but it should allow to use it to insert attachments
      [*]VBIV-7715 Facebook Like button only works when Facebook Connect is activated
      [*]VBIV-3220 'Make votes public' option only explained in 'Edit Poll' - not in 'New Poll'
      [*]VBIV-8822 Get Rid of vB_Search_Core::get_instance in search.php
      [*]VBIV-7120 class_taggablecontent.php
      [*]VBIV-8308 vbcms_article_preview_image should generate a thumb and not use full size image
      [*]VBIV-6051 Post User Note button overlaps text when there are no user notes
      [*]VBIV-12378 Non-image attachmens are inserted with the config parameter in the editor
      [*]VBIV-12349 Image and Video buttons missing when editing article if "Allow [IMG] Code in Non Forum Specific Areas" is Set to No
      [*]VBIV-12373 Full editor won't show in CMS if "Allow BB Code in Non Forum Specific Areas" is set to No
      [*]VBIV-11672 Styling of Basic Information in About Me Tab in User Profiles - Lost Padding and Background, Custom Profile Fields Misalignments (Regression from 4.1.2)
      [*]VBIV-2105 toplinks_background stylevar doesn't work for controlling the toplinks background in the header
      [*]VBIV-4882 Add/Edit Tags missing upper border in threads
      [*]VBIV-5153 "Icon Legend" forced to be upper case in Settings page
      [*]VBIV-2761 Tooltip incorrect in AdminCP Calendar Manager: "Order Byssss"
      [*]VBIV-896 Redundant phrase: no_users_viewing_thread_x
      [*]VBIV-1131 Unused phrase: error_403 (Error Messages phrase group)
      [*]VBIV-5290 Error in Phrase stylevar_editor_smiliebox_smiliesize_name
      [*]VBIV-6488 CMS Content with Permission Preview setting doesn't show preview in category view and in "View Articles" of a certain user
      [*]VBIV-7944 wtf in ajax.php
      [*]VBIV-6687 Can't delete blog comments permanently using inline moderation: it only soft-deletes and doesn't give an option
      [*]VBIV-7962 Style issues for the Advanced Search's blockfoot actionbuttons class
      [*]VBIV-7606 Cannot edit blog entry from list with option "Disable Problematic AJAX Features"
      [*]VBIV-5607 Possiblity to use {relpath} in custom BB codes is not documented
      [*]VBIV-5148 Missing phrase when setting "Store CSS Stylesheets as Files?" to Yes
      [*]VBA-128 No description of profile fields on profile page
      [*]VBA-102 Android app not showing on Market for many devices 1.6+, including very popular Tablet Archos 101.
      [*]VBA-97 Application Error Reports
      [*]VBA-99 Android app crashing while posting from the blogs
      [*]VBA-131 Android App does not support forum passwords
      [*]VBA-40 Can't upload avatar via android app.
      [*]VBA-32 Some ads display scrollbars on load
      [*]VBA-137 Image attachements/Video not viewable in articles
      [*]VBA-41 Unable to post a new thread,new post and a new article
      [*]VBA-111 Prefix dropdown does not display on New Thread screen if forum only uses one set.
      [*]VBA-116 Connection Error message is displayed when permissions are turned off for private messages
      [*]VBA-108 Bottom Button moved to Title Bar
      [*]VBA-151 Support https protocol
      [*]VBA-109 Reimplement Pagination based on PageNav objects
      [*]VBA-106 User does not always get moderator in a forum, when navigated from certain places in the app
      [*]VBA-104 Jump to Last Unread Post
      [*]VBA-31 Problem with links in posts
      [*]VBA-36 Android does not support thread prefixes
      [*]VBA-34 BB Code does not work
      [*]VBA-144 Thread with large amount of pages yields cumbersome scrolling to the last page
      [*]VBA-163 Search current forum.
      [*]VBA-107 New Top Menu Bar for Publish Form
      [*]VBA-19 Android: Out of Memory error when checking "Notifications" for the first time since logging in
      [*]VBA-113 Album displays every photo twice when first opening after a fresh install
      [*]VBA-122 Captions for photos are missing in android
      [*]VBA-150 Page UI continues to display when switching from article to section list
      [*]VBA-121 Proper Message should be displayed when there are no photos or friends in the account
      [*]VBA-134 Posting in mobile app leaves out signature in the regular forum
      [*]VBA-120 Photos are overlapped
      [*]VBA-132 PM Recipient Auto-Complete does not use all buddies
      [*]VBA-149 Viewing custom user profile field does not show the full field
      [*]VBA-178 Publish later date is displayed instead of Not Published for Blogs
      [*]VBA-105 Add VB Branding to Login Page
      [*]VBA-125 Thread search does not restrict itself to the current forum
      [*]VBA-147 Last page link in threads over 10 pages
      [*]VBA-110 Install to SD Card
      [*]VBA-114 Proper error message should be displayed when there are no folders
      [*]VBA-177 Incorrect page is displayed when clicked on "View Blog Post" button
      [*]VBA-115 Proper message should be displayed when submitted a Private message without any data
      [*]VBA-112 Unread thread title bolded, read titles for all other cases normal.
      [*]VBA-126 Refresh content
      [*]VBA-103 Hide Virtual Keyboard by Default
      [*]VBA-65 Button in the blogs' navigation bar are too big
      [*]VBA-191 Attach BBCode
      [*]VBA-190 View Image Attachments and Album Photos Full Screen
      [*]VBIV-12700 Formated text in WYSIWYG displays as in 'Source' mode for CMS comments
      [*]VBIV-12698 No image shown for 'Paste as plain' option
      [*]VBIV-12505 All Button Icons Missing from ckEditor with Absolute Path set in imgdir_editor
      [*]VBIV-12449 Unable to add image from album for profile background in Profile customization
      [*]VBIV-4612 Member List has hardcoded maximum number of users to show per page, but it's not documented
      [*]VBIV-5639 "Show Moderator Column" setting needs to be rephrased
      [*]VBIV-11871 The image file images/misc/forum-rightcorner.png is corrupt and can't be opened.
      [*]VBIV-6525 Incorrect styling of delete announcement options
      [*]VBIV-1765 Unused phrases in phrase group "Posting"
      [*]VBIV-6585 No shadow on header of subforum block in forumdisplay
      [*]VBIV-5789 "Avatar" member list column header styling issue
      [*]VBIV-12406 Phishing Security Patch: Domain Whitelist for AdminCP
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    Re: Forum Update Agenda

    Now running vBulletin Alpha Build 44915 (06-22-11 17:05:42 CDT) and vBulletin Android App 1.1.2.
  3. Mitchell_A

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    Re: vBulletin 4.1.5 Beta 1 Live

    New post layout/structure = <3
  4. Mike

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    Re: vBulletin 4.1.5 Beta 1 Live

    Updated again.
  5. Mitchell_A

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    Hello everyone,

    As always, we're continuing to innovate features here on Windows7Forums.com :)
    Firstly, I hope my Canadian friends had an excellent Canada Day, and my American counterparts a great Independence day.
    Most changes (as you may [not] have noticed) were internal over the past few weeks. This of course being with the exception of our new site themes. You can chose from two different themes (with fixed variations) from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the site. We hope you like these new themes and would love to hear your feedback. :)

    We're very pleased to be brining new staff members aboard our site, look for a new announcement in a few days highlighting them (along with our veteran staff).

    Mike has started looking into video tutorials/reviews again, if interested, I encourage you to check out the latest production on SSD's here:
    A huge number of fixes and changes were made to vB and the Android/iPhone apps, I will not be detailing them here due to the extensive size of the list. If necessary, please contact me for the complete change log.

    Come back in a few days for more information and introductions to our newest staff members, as well as recognition for the Windows7Forums.com staff veterans.

    Thanks for your continued support and commitment to our site!
    Mitchell Anthony,
    Pubic Relations Manager
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    So far the team looks to be shaping up. We have some big changes coming to that area in what looks to be a very positive development. Hopefully we will have more for you on this soon :)

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