Email transfers to Windows 7

Currently running dual boot Win 7 with XP, when full release comes out, will do clean install over Win 7 RC.
Use Outlook Express on XP, have managed to get email access in Windows Live to my email account, how do I transfer contacts and folders from Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail in Win 7 ?


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I haven’t used Outlook Express for some time now but all of you data should be found in a “.wabâ€Â￾ file which is probably found under your user profile in Application data\Microsoft… It might be easier to search for all .wab files on your C: partition and then backup that file to a USB stick or something. From there you’ll need to Import from that wab to Win7 Mail.

Give it a try with you RC version before wiping your HDD and starting new just to be safe.

Email file transfers

Have now managed to find the address book (WAB) and import it into Windows Live MAil OK, my folders I believe are in Outlook Express as *.pst files, can't see an option to import folders into Live Mail


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Use the option "Import from another program or file" and then select "Personal Folder File (.pst)". Good thing we aren't converting an Exchange offline archive.

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