embarassing problem mapping/connecting two computers in private network

Wow I am so frustrated right now I cant remember the last time I was so frustrated! I have installed two fresh installations of 7264 x64 on two desktops. They are connected to a private network. I want to share the hard drives in both of them (say, C/: and D:/ )but I was running into all kinds of issues!!! :(

1) Tried connecting from one, got an error username and password but I changed the username and password many times only to have the same issue. Also it said username for pc1/user but I was trying to connect to pc2:confused:

2) after finally somehow getting access to the shares on pc1 and pc2 I mapped the drives, and upon restarting the computer I was unable to reconnect to the drives! Got odd errors, unable to reconnect. Also permission errors... ???

3) Even after it seemed to be working, I shared C: drive, but could not access it!!! No permission! I granted full access to everybody, but still nothing.:confused:

Why is it so impossible to do such an easy task in windows 7?

All i want is PC1 and PC2 should have their entire harddrives shared with each other... Is that too much to ask?!?

The guy I was installing this for, is super mad that after all that time he doesn't have what he wants... :frown:

can someone save the day??!


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Did you try sharing the Drives with a HomeGroup?


How can I share drives with a homegroup?
so far when i click share its only with advanced settings etc, very annoying...

That article you showed me didnt have anything useful just a plug for windows 7...


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If you are still having trouble, let's know what settings you have in Network and Sharing Settings/Advanced sharing settings. Like turn on network discovery, turn on file and printer sharing, turnoff password sharing.

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