Windows 10 Enablement Package download failure


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Nov 5, 2019
Hi, hope you can clarify,
System Win 10 21H2 build 19044.1415 Win Experience Pack 120.2012.3920
Had an update kb 5008212 and when read through online it mentioned an enablement package (EKB) and not to bother if I have KB5003173.
I Recently had a fresh win 10 download to cure a problem so have lost my list of pre downloaded KBs. warned that If I did not have 5003173 then to download, which I was unsure of. I hunted out the enablement packages, I believe my one was the second one down from the top of the list and downloaded it. The download stated at the end of the package name "unconfirmed 49924.crdownload cannot be downloaded securely", I was unable to proceed
Anyone know if my build should already carry the latest EKB,
Or If it is in the listed downloads
Or how to successfully download the EKB


Listed updates after fresh win 10 download; KBs 5008212, 4023057, 5007186, 5007289, 5006365 to date

You can check the updates you have installed in windows updates. Your build can and can not carry the latest updates from windows, ultimately it’s not as important as you may first think. The updates themselves vary greatly in preformance, some simply fix bugs whilst others would remove dangerous loopholes hackers can use to compromise systems. Depends on the update.

In general staying updated is a good idea, though it’s not ”that….” Important per se… I would personally not go without them, but skip the super special insider club builds that have in the past bricked computers.

Try running the inbuilt windows update troubleshooter to see if that shows anything, then Microsoft has some suggestions on their help forum.

I’m not actually that familiar with windows updates, but give that a shot to see if that works.

I also saw that you could possibly get it off the Microsoft update catalogue. Microsoft Update Catalog
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