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    In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Mat Velloso, a Senior Technical Evangelist in DX. Mat joins us to talk about the Oxford APIs, machine learning, How-Old.net, and Twins or Not. Mat starts by talking about How-Old.net inspired him to quickly build Twins or Not while on the //Build tour. Mat then talks about how the capabilities used by these sites are available as part of the Oxford APIs and shows a demo of using one of the capabilities to organize photos. Mat then goes a little deeper and talks about building models using Azure Machine Learning and finding existing experiments using the Machine Learning gallery. He goes over two different examples: Recommendations and Mail Organization.

    Links from the show:

    • [00:33] - Azure News - Billing APIs and Portal Improvements
    • [03:22] - Start of Mat's presentation
    • [05:49] - Mat looks at Learning APIs including Oxford
    • [06:33] - The Photo Organizer app
    • [12:03] - The Machine Learning gallery and Recommendations
    • [21:15] - The Mail Organizer
    • [25:23] - Azure Machine Learning Cheat Sheet
    • [27:03] - Project Oxford Documentation
    • [32:10] - Twins or Not

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