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In this episode, Soumow interviews Samantha Kalman, Founder and Studio Director of Timbre Interactive

[01:24] Getting started
[03:55] Sentris
[05:28] Sentris concept
[06:40] About the business, funding? Kickstarter
[07:52] Ouya
[08:19] Available on Steam, Humble and http://timbreinteractive.squarespace.com/store/
[09:41] Collaboration, www.symbionproject.com
[10:31] Samantha, not only Founder but the dev too!
[12:55] Game play, keeping it fun as you learn
[17:32] Up coming events and milestones. www.invisiblearcade.com, www.patreon.com/invisiblearcade
[18:42] Advice?
[20:26] http://Sentrisgame.com

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