Error installing Windows 10 From Windows 8.1


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I have downloaded windows media creating tool and have been running it several times with the same error: Cant run windows 10 on this computer. Contact computerpublisher and see if you can upgrade sytem bios.

Allright so i have latest windows install and i have latest drive routine for bios. Everything on my computer is up to date so i dont see why there should be a problem.
I have try formating the pc (deleting everything and starting from fresh) (factory settings) and it still does not work. im running windows 8.1. i did have 10 on yhis pc but then downgraded back a year ago and now i wanna go back to 10 but it just does not work.

My pc is a ASUS Desktop PC G20AJ running windows 8.1.

I have tried everything and have spent 5 hours ish on this problem. Any help would me much appreciated! Thanks


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Use the media creation tool to get the iso file, then use rufus to create the usb media or you can burn it to disk. Then boot from usb or dvd. You may have ot enter the bios and tell it to boot from either first.


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Allright downloading to an usb and will try to boot up with that! thx for the info bois! ps i could not find the 0703 bios the newest was 601 i think. can i have a link pl0x? :D thx agian guys


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holy cowballs i have the new driver downloaded (703) and i hope its working, trying to download windows 10 now! thx alot bois i sould not have been able to do this myself. spent like 8 hours on this and im sooo thankful! thanks alot guys for being so helpful and friendly :D