Windows 7 Error on Dreamweaver onClick in DMXzone Bootstrap Options

Error on Dreamweaver onClick in DMXzone Bootstrap Options

Clicking the OK button on the DwCC under the DMXzone Bootstrap Options results to an error even if I made some changes or not. They said, I need to define my site in Dreamweaver and clear the cache but it seems not to be working. Or maybe I am missing some important points in resolving this matter. Can someone help me? Thank you.

While executing on Click in DMXzone Bootstrap Options.htm, the following javaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 1239 of file

“C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS6\en_US\Configuration\Shared\DMXzone\dmxBootStrap\dmxBootStrap_lib.js”:

Dom has no properties



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Can I ask what is this page for i.e. is it a working site or just something you want to learn?

Ok lets start at the beginning;

1. Bootstrap (twitter) is a type of retrieval code like jquery or php for the old schoolers… the basic idea is that a webpage asks for a field eg, username and password then this code goes to the database for this server, to see if that field has a matching entry.

2. Dreamweaver is asking you to tell it where to go to find this database and you have two basic options:

A. Point it to a website somewhere on line that you have an administrator account with.

B. Build a database on your computer which you can up-load to a server later if required.​

To be a little blunt, Adobe owns Dreamweaver and they have extensive knowledge-bases on this stuff but I can recommend some articles.

1. A solid (if a little dated) how to article which helped me make a php database is here.

2. Another article which talks more about the design but still worth a look is here.

3. Finally this article (outdated but only just) talks about the different types of code… who owns what and why you might use one type instead of another.

Personally I find bootstrap to be clumpy and slow but it is designed to be independent of the server and is useful when the website and the database are not together i.e. the webpage is hosted with crazzydomains in the us but the database is on a go-daddy server.

Php is the oldest and still very fast for simple transfers but is showing its age now and not suitable beyond a single website scenario. Jquery has a solid fan base and chugs along steadily in most scenarios but all server codes are becoming less popular now that 2nd generation platforms like Adobe Muse have started getting noticed.

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