Event 1002, Dhcp-client

I get an error message every time I shutdown the computer, it says something about netsh.exe not being able to do something that it needs to. The event viewer says that it is event 1002, dhcp-client. Also says "The IP address lease 198.18.64.___ for the Network Card with network address _____ has been denied by the DHCP server 198.18.87.___ (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message)."

Any help would be awesome. Here is the event viewer


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First off, it looks like you have two network interface cards involved in this error. Your written information (IP address lease 198.18.64.___ for the Network Card with network address _____ has been denied by the DHCP server 198.18.87.) does not match the specific error (The IP address lease 192.168.0 for network card with network address, blah, blah). The former being what appears to be a public IP addressing schema from a public DHCP server and the later be a class C private IP addressing schema from perhaps your local router.
I would be more concerned with the specifics regarding the 7000 error relating to the Service Control Manager and if that might somehow be related to the DHCP Client service being misconfigured to run under something other than the "Local Service" account.
Open the Services console.
Hold the Windows Key and strike the "R" key and type
Double click the DHCP Client service and select the "Log On" tab and make sure that the "This account:" radio button is selected and the "Local Service" account is in the Text Box.
If not click the "Browse" button, then the "Advanced" button, then the "Find Now" button and select the "LOCAL SERVICE" name and OK your way back out of there. Restart your machine and see if that helps.

The event 7000 has been resolved. And I looked where you said but it was already how you said to set it. It looked like this before I changed anything.

thank you for the input though.


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So.... if you open an elevated command prompt and type
ipconfig /release
and hit enter and then type
ipconfig /renew
and hit enter
What happens.
And is the DHCP Client service started and set to automatic.
Starting to sound like ip address conflicts which I suppose can happen some time. but can mostly be resolved by a quick release and renew.

I am able to release and renew but still get the error message when I shutdown. This is what it reads.



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Sounds to me like you have some system corruption or permission issues somewhere. I would start by running "sfc /scannow" at a command prompt with administrator privileges.
What antivirus are you using, or firewall program if any 3rd party?

Netsh is not normally called by Windows shutdown I do not think, it is merely a command line program that allows changes to network settings to occur. I'm kind of puzzled why its trying to run in the first place when you are shutting down. I assumed that most network functions that Microsoft would use in Windows would be done through API calls and not netsh, this is why I'm thinking its something 3rd party or perhaps even malware.

Let us know how you fair after you run sfc /scannow, and reboot.


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Additionally, especially if this is a domain computer, but even if it isn't you may have a look at any shut down or log off scripts or batch files that maybe evoking the network shell (netsh.exe) when you shut down especially those that might also include the dhcpclient parameter.

I dont run any anti virus, I havent for some time now, dont really see the need. I also recent just installed windows and all my programs last week, so I think its very unlikely to be a virus or malware since I know all the programs I have. Also, just a thought; it says it failed to start, doesnt necessarily say when. Just when shutdown happens it displays the message, I dont think it means for sure that it tried to start it right then and it failed, maybe it failed earlier on and only displays the message then. Just a guess.


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Do you get the error message if you take down your VPN connection before shutting down the PC?
Do you get the error message if you are not connected to your VPN at all?

Apparently I still get the same error int he event viewer but I no longer get the pop up error message at shutdown if my vpn is closed before I do it.


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Can or have you checked to see if there may be a newer version of the VPN client software that you are using for that connection?

I reinstalled the newest client, and now there is no more error message on shutdown. thank you


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Great news....... glad to hear you have it all sorted. Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with your solution.
We hope to continue to see you around.

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