Event 41 - Kernal Power crashes - Possible fix


I built my own system a few weeks ago and installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Started getting the Event 41 reboots, no BSOD, Windows would just reboot and then give and Event 41 error when I checked in the event log.
I rebuilt a number of times assuming I had installed something wrong or put incorrect drivers on. Nothing helped and it got to the point when Windows wouldn't stay on for more then a few minutes before rebooting.
After searching the internet for over a week I found a forum, sadly I can't remember where it was as I would like to thank the original poster, I found a potential fix.
It was suggested by the poster that if you up the Northbridge voltage in the BIOS by one setting it should do the trick. After a quick search to find out which voltage setting that was for my BIOS and MB I upped it from 1.1v to 1.14. i also fixed the CPU voltage which was set to AUTO and changed it to the figure that the BIOS was reporting, 1.25625v.

Since doing this I have not had a crash and the system has been stable for two days. I ppreciate this is not a long time but conisdering I was getting less than 5 mins max it would seem that this little tweak has done the job.

I hope some of you may find this useful, hopefully you will have some joy as well.


i7 980x, GA-X58A-UD3R, 12Gb Corsair, 650w TX PSU, FX380

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