Windows 7 EverQuest - big startup spike


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I've noticed a weird problem with EverQuest in RC1. On login, one CPU core shoots to 100% and stays there for a solid minute. I have a Sidebar gadget that monitors memory and cores.

So for about a minute, it's pinned at 100% and the character can't be moved. If I try, the window fades and I get a Not Responding error. Wait a minute, eventually the core goes to 0 and I can move.

Same deal here

I am having the same issues with EQ.

Currently I am using Bootcamp with a Mac Pro and the game works perfectly except for that stupid 2 min freeze up.
The funny thing is that I can switch characters and there is no freeze or at the character choice window.

Intel Quad 2.0ghz with a ATI Radeon 3870 with 512mb

I also get a wierd issue once I pick my server , a strange error message that I need to click out of about 5 times before it goes foward to character screen.