Windows 7 Everything was fantastic, but stoped Internet


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I was really exited when W7 was installed. All went fine and network and internet was working.

Then suddenly (I am not sure if W7 upgraded it self) internet stopped working. I still see local red, but can't browse.
I have router Linksys, the W7 is on PC. Dell laptop with XP works fine.

When I run Network troubleshooter it shows:
Troubleshooting could not identify the problem.
No issues detected

I did reboot the router- same problem persist
Connection is strong the rest works great.

Any solution ideas?



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Fantastic then stopped

I get the same thing here as well,I could be in the middle of doing something and a little box shows up and says ,internet stopped working, I dont think it is upgrading. I dont really understand it either.

did you try to bypass the router and go straight from the modem to the desktop to see if its a conflict with the router? Also, go into command prompt with just the modem in and ping yahoo to see if theres a browser issue .If it is the router. you can give this a try....go into network properties and uncheck IP V6 . Please repost with results


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Well my Dell laptop is connected right now, and always connect with no problem. Yes it has Win XP PRO SP2

The problem is with DHCP - I just had a look. Problem is I am not sure what I can do about it.

Dumb thing tells me what's wrong, but doesn't fix it :)

Any ideas - brutal force or ?

Ok, where is the DHCP configuration, plus it needs IP, Gate, Mask etc. as well.
But where do I make the changes? (It looks like it's stuck)

BTW: I just changed the router and set it default. No security - nada.
Then I setup new Network on Dell laptop and other PC successfully (both Win XP Pro SP2)
The other PC with Win7 still having problem. Maybe a bug?

I am ready to install Win7 7022 (I am sure it will work, but AGAIN how long)

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It's happen to me....

My Broadcom Wireless G gone.... i have try installing the driver but it's not showing up.
I have the problem ....
I need the internet ASAP.....Please Someone Help PLEASE!
i need to bring it to my office do my Important Project....
Wonder if it is a bug ?

Firstly , Language bar MISSING from Taskbar
Secondly . WLAN unable to use.



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Have you run ipconfig /all from the command prompt to verify the IP, subnet mask, default gateway, DHPC server, and DNS servers.

For the language bar, I just went to Regional and Language options in Control Panel, chose German for the Format, and the language bar showed up in the tray area with a choice for English or German. Right-click on that and choose settings. Text Services and Input languages should show Germany and English keyboard support.