Windows 10 Explorer very slow


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For the last few weeks, Explorer has been running VERY slowly. It can take 30-45 seconds just to rename a folder; thumbnails take forever to load; navigating down a folder tree is torture--3o seconds or more for every node expansion.

I have not installed anything new.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to diagnose what's taking so long?
Hi Chris and welcome to the forum :up:

Please post Make/Model of your computer for us so we can create a customized repair solution for you. Also is this a desktop PC or a laptop? Is it a self-built rig or custom-rig?

Did your computer come pre-installed with W10 when you bought it or did you upgrade from an earlier version of windows such as Win7 or Win8?

These are questions we really need to know, Ok?

Have you tried running a different browsers such as the W10 Edge browser, Chrome, or Firefox? If those are slow also, you most likely have one of these causes:

1.) Virus/Malware infection
2.) Windows system corruption
3.) Failed Hardware such as Hard Drive or RAM memory stick.

It would also be helpful for you to go to and download the free SPECCY diagnostic program and post back the resulting output .txt file back here to this thread so that we can analyze your computer environment better.

Thanks for your responses,
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I would also look at your resource utilization in task manager (CPU, Mem %, Disk usage)