Extremely slow internet download/upload speeds

I clean installed up to 7 x64 from a Vista x32 system mid-week

I have a major issue in the running Vista 32 (and briefly 7 32) the network/internet speeds were similar, I moved onto x64 to utilize my RAM and my connection sppeds have plummeted to between 3- 15k download speeds from roughly 500k - 2M on vista.

Im running an Nvidia nForce network controller (on an MSI P6N SLI PLATINUM) and know there were issues at the RC stages.

Has anyone else had similar issues or got any fixes?


I use a Netgear adapter on mine, i've also noticed a drop in internet speeds since switching to 7. I had the same issue under Vista too, though not under XP.

Im running a netgear router as well.

Not sure why it should drop so drastically. Have noticed a lot of new setting under the network controller though, custom settings seems to have helped a touch but not enough to make a difference

Me neither. But from what I was reading a while back (not sure if it still applys now, also not sure if it applys to 7) but Vista doesn't handle wireless connections very well. At least thats what Netgears response was. Mind you it could also be the fact that I have to use the Vista driver as they havent released one for 7 yet.

well im running a wired connection and still have the problems, be nice to see if its a common problem, seems strange its throttling my internet by almost is entire bandwith

I'm having this problem too- clean install of 7 professional x64 from Vista Home Premium 64. Download speed dropped from ~6Mbs to ~15kbs. When I restarted in Safe Mode with Networking, internet speed was back to normal.

We shouldn't have to run it in safe mode though, i think it may have something to do with the built in firewall or something judging by the fact it works fine in safe mode

Is there anybody out there?

Is this forum dead or did everybody find a fix and isn't sharing? Just to ask did anybody try and see what the difference is between safe mode and a normal boot? Oh and Hi this is my first pointless post... I'll try and make sure the next one has substance.

Told you

I told you Id have something of subsance.

<LI id=0889119b-aed4-491a-a92d-ff5384bc51c7 class="message ">Wednesday, October 28, 2009 12:20 AM

More progress - I've isolated the problem to two Microsoft services. Enabling both Function Discovery Resource Publication and Function Discovery Provider Host at the same time is causing the problem. Disabling either makes it go away. I've disabled both, re-enabled all Microsoft and non-Microsoft services and all is well again. I've restored the startup processes, re-installed all third party software, firewall/antivirus is re-installed, all is well.

What is it about:
- Function Discovery Resource Publication
- Function Discovery Provider Host
that could be hosing up internet performance for large files?

And also, any possible problems that could arise from running my system without these two services?


Now I disabled the function discovery resource publication and it seems that my bandwidth issues are resolved. That seemed like the service that effected the least ammount of running applications. The other service is used with the media center extender which allows me to streams movies and such to my xbox. Cant lose that.

Also mind you that this may not solve all of your issues you may still need to run the netsh command. You can find that yourself. Now I already had my homegroup and sharing set up. All of my shares disappeard when i disabled that service but reappeared shortly after. So I think thats the right service to shut off and will affect the least ammount of applications. At any rate. I hope this helps. It helped me and I was sick of seeing this error everywhere and seeing a bunch of retards say its the router or its the nic or its your immagination. It cant be windows. DUH ITS ALWAYS WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a quick search you can see a cornhole full of other people that have the same issue. So to all thos retards that thought it couldnt be windows 7 causing the issue.... Well you get it.


*sigh* They are trickey this group called microsoft.... One minute fixed.... Next minute not fixed.... I will win.... dag nab it I WILL WIN!!!!!

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