failed internet connection after ipconfig/release

hey everyone i have an issue with connection on my main computer and thought you could be some help :)
Yesterday i was looking up how to change an IP address, and found out that doing a ipconfig/release in command would get rid of my current IP, the next step was to do a ipconfig/renew to get a new ip address. the problem is that ipconfig/renew wont work for me. the error i get always states that i am not connected. i do have a cable connected to my computer, but the light has turned redish orange instead of green. every other computer works fine, using both ethernet and wireless, but mine still wont connect. i have tried using a different cable, and that still didn't fix it, i even reinstalled windows 7 and that also did nothing, the light in the back is still redish orange. any assistance would be great, and i really appreciate the help.

just an update, i am still having this problem, any help would be great. thanks!

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