Windows 7 Far Cry 2 really work on Win 7 64bit ?

I'm curious cause im going to be getting a new win 7 based system, which is basically just going to be a gaming rig, for games like far cry 2. But i just recently found out that far cry 2 (ubisoft) doesn't actually "officially" support windows 7
I was shocked when i read this, as i always just assumed that it would be ok with windows 7, most games are, but i guess not. However i have also read that lots of people have posted that it does work on win 7 64bit, and it's listed as "working" in the "games that work" thread.

So i was just curious, how many people have actually managed to get it to work under win 7 64bit platform.



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You night want to check out this thread

Do a search in the tread itself

Don't worry,

I've tested this game and it works pretty well.

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