Windows 10 Why is windows 10 file explorer so terrible and unstable


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I'm really hoping someone can help me while I still have some sanity left. I finally gave in and decided to "upgrade" my photo editing computer from windows 7 to windows 10. (Replacement actually as it's not the same physical computer) Not my first windows 10 computer, but the things I could live with in Windows 10 I just can't with this computer.

Why is is explorer to terrible? I open things like folder and web browser in specific order and I want to them to stay in a specific order. With my photo editing I have a ton of folder open all of the time and I am working on all different kinds of stuff. It's bad enough I can't actually open all of the folders I need as explorer will just crap out and crash, but every so often I get a mini kind of freeze where stuff doesn't respond and when it does again the folders go out of order. Sometimes it's just one and I can kind of live with it, but sometimes it all shifts out of order and I just can't work with it as I have to spend too much time searching for the right folder so I close it out all of the folder and start over. It's been two weeks now since I put in this computer and i think I've edited maybe 5 total photos because all of my time is being spent fighting with explorer and it's just unacceptable.

I am 99.99% sure this is an OS issue. I have 3 other windows 10 computers and every one of them has the same issues (if not worse) and I've combed through this computer to make sure there were no issues. Nothing in the event viewer, so corruption issues, etc. With other computers I can kind of deal with modern Windows being crap, but this one I can't. I need something reliable and it just feel impossible at this point. i just wish i could get updates to programs on windows 7 so I could go back. That OS at least worked. I'm just reaching to point where I want to cry and just give up on everything I am so frustrated.
Windows File Explorer is not your only option. There are a number of file managers out there. One of the best IMO is Double Commander To give you an idea as to what it has to offer watch this video. If you decide you like it, download it and give it a try,

Thank you, I'll check it out. I was using a different alternative and everything is still crap, so hopefully this one will actually work