Fastest Browser

I am not at all against other browsers, I use Opera, IE8, Firefox, and Chrome. I run windows server 2008 at my work place, and I browse internet often throughout the day. I like Opera for the following :

1. When I start Opera, it quickly loads in memory, so I don't have to wait as with certain other browses.

2. I start Opera in the morning and then during my work day I open many tabs, I never close Opera until I have to go home, I can do any other tasks while this browser is open, and when I switch to an Opera tab after a couple of hours - it instantly responds so it feels like I've just started it. It indeed feels reliable.

3. It quickly loads and saves web pages. While a web page is loading, you can see it properly zoomed and interact with it before its transfer is complete - unlike in certain other browses.

4. No browser can compete with Opera for its quality page zooming, it can be close but yet not as good as Opera's.

5. Things can be found to desire improvement, like in any browser, but overall it's a fast and a reliable fully featured browser, whose development started much longer before others'.

IE 9 seems the fastest to date imo. Chrome may be fast too but i think the interface is not user friendly.

chrome is fastest that i have used

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