Windows 7 Favorite pc games?


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My favorite PC games are GTA 5 and I like to play this game on Window 7. This is one of the best pc game.
I've been reading darling in the franxx manga here. This is one of the best.


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My favourite pc games are dosgames, e.g. tetris or wordgames. I like playing old games remembering the 90s. Would like to know who else play dosgames? :)


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Currently playing:


Division 2

Both are very cheap to purchase right now..


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My favorite PC games are Spiderman Homecoming and any Batman game.

I like both of them.

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a great First-person Shooter as well.


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My favourite PC games are Minecraft and League of Legends. Also I enjoy wooricasino games like slots, roulette and baccarat. They help me not only to relax and have fun, but also to make some money. Of course, it is risky, but I always know when it is time to stop and leave the game. Does anyone else like gambling?