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Sep 27, 2009
I have tested/used every program on this list

If you want them all on DVD let me know. I could use a little support.

Here are my MOST favorite programs:

(I have discussed some of these in my other blogs)

(Note, Panda Active Scan would go here but it runs online and does not need software (except for some Active X addons) to scan for viruses.)

StartupMonitor - Monitors system for programs/spyware/viruses/malware that tries to load at startup and allows you to opt out.

IeMaximizer - opens Internet Exploder windows full screen

NoteTab Pro - My favorite text editor and HTML coding tool, and a powerful Notepad replacement.

WinRAR - Archive program for all archive types including ISO files.

IconRestorer - organize your desktop icons, take a snapshot then restore them to your original layout. Love this program! I even donated!

TreeSize Professional- Hard disk space manager, shows where your hard drive space is being used. GREAT for cleaning up and helping decide how to write dvd's

Registry Clean Expert - Registry optimizer... cleans, packs, backups and many more features.

ccsetup223 - Great utility for cleaning internet tracks and temporary files

dfsetup113 - Fast hard drive files defrag program

Acronis True Image Home - Great hard drive clone utility. Excellent Program! Love this one. Backups my hard drive to another hard drive that I can boot right into and never miss a beat. Only takes 20 minutes per 100 GB.

Autoruns - Shows everything that loads automatically when Windows boots. I'm REALLY REALLY impressed with this program.

Driver Checker (and Driver Genius) - Automatically brings device drivers up to date

SendToToys - Adds many useful options to the "send to" menu when you right click on a file from Windows Explorer.

More great software:

HDD Regenerator - fixes bad sectors on hard drives. It really works and you can access data that was written on the sectors that have become bad and unreadable.

cd080802.iso - Removes login passwords. If you get locked out of a computer you can burn this iso to cd, set the bios to boot from cd and access the hard drive and delete user and administrator passwords in order to recover the pc. Note: The menu is easy but you MUST "WRITE" the changes back to the hard drive for this to work.

TakeControl - Utility to regain ownership and obtain permission to files and directories that you own. It removes the "Access is Denied" messages when you operate on your file system.

CloseAll - Excellent and simple little program to close all running programs that have an icon on the taskbar. Put it in a permanent location and right click and pin it to the start menu.

CuteFTP - FTP client used to transfer files between your computer and ftp sites.

BHODemon - Internet Explorer runs external programs like the Google and Yahoo and eBay search bars, AND it can run viruses, malware and trojans. This program allows you to see what is loading when IE loads and disable anything you don't want. Keeping the number of programs IE loads to a minimum will make a significant difference in the speed and performance of your system.

Desktop.exe - Shows Desktop, built with AutoHotkey, can pin this to taskbar in Windows 7 because the Win7 "Show desktop" icon can't be moved.

Microsoft SharedView - Connect with up to 15 people in different locations and get your point across by showing them what's on your screen. Share, review, and update documents with multiple people in real time. Best of all it works well through firewalls and routers so you don’t have to worry about connection issues.

Open Office - Free editor compatible with Microsoft Office documents

ProduKey.exe - Displays the Windows 7 product key that is encrypted.

Registry Mechanic 8 - Check registry for errors and optimizer - pcmag

Registry Victor - Registry optimizer and backup utility

SeePassword - Shows passwords behind ****

TakeOwnership.zip - Reg file -Adds "Take Ownership" to Explorer Right-Click Menu

Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe - Free utility for tweaking Windows 7

UltraIso - Create CD image files, Duplicate discs to a CD image, create bootable CDs and audio CD images

VHDMount.exe - utility to automatically add a virtual hard drive image to the multi-boot menu

Wim2vhd.wsf - A powerful script to build virtual hard drive - saves about 20 difficult manual steps that would have to be run from a command prompt. Needs imagx.exe

Windows 7 Manager - Optimize, organize, maintain, tune up and speed up tweaking tool - pcmag

Windows 7 Ultimate Keygen - Generates Windows 7 install keys (not a loader or activator)
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