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Windows 7 FBI scam


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May 5, 2013
My wife has gotten the FBI scam virus and I'm trying to get rid of it. Just to not to waste time..

I cannot enter safe mode.
I cannot get the windows enter screen.

Sorry but I've been to a hundred different sites and they all pretty much say the same thing. When I try to go into safe mode it starts to load but then after a few seconds the computer restarts by itself. If I hit the windows key and R the input window flashes too quickly to do anything.

Any thoughts?
Is this a retail PC/laptop? What's the make and model?
Easiest way to fix this one is by using a USB based scanner such as Hitman Pro, it's free too..
Try their KickStart product which will allow you to create a bootable USB drive with all you need.

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I cannot enter safe mode.
I cannot get the windows enter screen.

There are multiple variants and this spreads like wildfire. Check out here. Look for the manual removal options:


ESET and Kaspersky are said to take it out 1, 2, 3. This is one of those that will require "good" software. I.E. An anti-virus suite that you pay for and is of higher quality than McAfee or AVG.


You need to run offline, as Joe said, for removal.

Like with many situations, the damage has been done as well. If the data is not mission critical and you think this will take you a long time, consider reinstallation of the OS and then using proactive protection such as a serious, well known security suite such as Kaspersky and the paid version of Malwarebytes. You should look at regularly backing up an image of your system based on your needs with the foreknowledge that, someday, eventually, all systems break down.

Once the crisis is over please report back and let us know how you resolved it. This could help others in the same situation.
Quite often, it's faster to re-install Windows and everything, than to mess with various corrective measures for days. And, the only true way to get rid of a serious virus or other malware attack is to wipe the disk totally clean - clean as it was at the factory. A mere re-installation of Windows may not fix all bugs you have.

Low level formatting is the only option I truly trust, in case of a disaster. If I have the correct picture, deleting the partition with a program like GParted, does the job. Another option is to get disk tools from your disk manufacturer, and do it from there.

If you decide to wipe the disk clean, it wouldn't be a bad option to have an expert do it. It won't be that expensive, and in case you have, say, a laptop with a system partition, meaning you don't have a physical DVD, it would be a safe alternative.

This is a bit of an Armageddon picture, let's hope easier methods are adequate. Best wishes, good luck. :)