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    I have tried this question several ways still to no avail. So will try again. I have a w7 pc on wired local network, also VMWARE xp mode on w7 machine and vista laptop and network media player. I need to be able to share the media files on the w7 machine to the local network so that the media player can find them preferably using the SMB shares. It finds the shares on the vista laptop. It also finds the xp virtual shares if they are put into the local network shared files folder. However I am not able to see any of the shares off the w7 pc. I have been able to see the folders , if I use UPNP server the contents are missing. This applies to all media type files. Is that a upnp issue or something else? I have tried the usual things in the sharing center and started guest account and allowed the guest account access to the network etc.
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