Finally Finished !!!

I was only reading about those the other day.... So they're good you say?
I'm very happy with mine. I was not able to play Crysis in full screen without the V/C crashing. Now not only can I play it full screen but maxed out :D
I got mine from Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME 4870X2 VGA Cooler (ATI Radeon HD4870X2) -


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Aha.... the man in question...:cool:

Well I've gone through this PC and replaced the Mobo AGAIN. LOL I'm now running an ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo and loving it I can OC the crap outta it with this board :cool:
I'll post some #'s when I get home.

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Do you know what's funny.. the title of this thred.. I'm never finished.. In the process of building a new one... again! all that is left is the SSD but funds ran low because of Christmas :(
I have it running using my old hard drive and it still kicks butt :D


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What is your windows experience number for your new pc?

What is your windows experience number for your new pc?
I'm at work so I can't give you exact numbers I do know that my old hard drive is crippling my score.:(
I'd have to check when I get home.

Everything is a 7.6 BUT Hardisk and it is 5.9 so my score is 5.9

I ordered 2 ASUS DVD/RW drives and a C300 SSD monday just waiting on the UPS man. :)

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