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    Ok here's a question that is quite a bit over my head.

    My goal is to:
    Run a simulation software called IPSEpro from Matlab in windows 7.

    This is possible in windows XP and I have the instruction how to.

    The problem:
    I need the progID for IPSEpro to be able to start it from Matlab, in XP i can find it in Regedit as "PSE.application". But in Windows 7 there is no such progID.

    I have Ctrl+F:ed my way through almost the whole registry (puh!) in hope to find anything close to IPSE/PSE/SimTech but without any luck...

    Any suggestions?


    Additional questions generated by this problem:
    How do I (easily) find the progID for a process in w7?
    Why is there a difference in the register between XP and w7?

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