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Windows 7 Firewalls & Anitvirus Programs


Honorable Member
Jan 28, 2009
Been running 7 since late january and seems faster and more stable than Vista. That said, what is going on with AVG vs. Windows Firewall and Windows Defender? I've set AVG as my main firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam etc etc. All the options are Active and running fine. Only hangup is scanning of e-mail coming into Outlook; outlook freezes like a deer in the headlights whenever I attempt to change screens but that's Outlooks problems (no, i'm not interested in G-mail or Yahoo mail, going with Zoho as soon as they offer ingetration with their free CRM software). Anyway, when installing AVG it said not to run multiple firewalls and anti-viral programs. Windows7 Firewall freaks when I turn it off and if the OS comes with a built in firewall why do I need AVG? Questions are:
1) I'm not giving up AVG, should I leave Windows Defender & Windows Firewall running or turn off?
2) If the consensus is to turn off, how so it stops the pops about My computer is in danger yadda yadda yadda?

For now I'm just using Win7's firewall and running AVG Free, and that works okay with my email program, Eudora

In Vista64 I use Comodo Firewall & AVG Free

Never bothered with Windows Defender personally, have it turned off in XP Pro, Vista & Win 7 :rolleyes:
Yo can disable windows defender ;)
It slows down your PC, but does nothing great.
I personally use AVG, PC Tools Spyware doctor SE and winpatrol, and since first windows 7 pre-beta version my PC have benn never infected as far as i know...