Windows 8 Fix bootloader on a pc without uefi/bios


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Hi everyone,
My problem is that while trying to fix my uefi i broke my bootloader. The uefi is not loading since it is in fast boot mode, so i cant change the boot order or boot from another device like an recovery USB or CD. The Pc starts, fans are running, display lights up but I cant get into the bios/uefi to fix things. It does not even work when i unplug all hard drives from the system.

Is it possible to use another pc to fix my ssd to boot up win 8.1 again? Any Idea would be very much welcome i am completely lost.
Sadly no bios seems pretty dead. The msi logo was already not showing up before. But it was able to boot up to windows. Only since the MBE was corrupted it still "worked".

Edit: Any Idea how to fix the boot partition. Already on the lookout for a msata to usb adapter to get access to the drive. Does any of you know of some tools to fix it?