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Hi there, I have flash drive 9Little stick) over 2 years old and had bunch of pictures and documents stored on it. Yesterday I wanted to add some new pictures and could not. It says " Folder is empty" and shows 0 byte used /0 byte available. Where did my files go? Can I recover them or they are lost?
And by the way, what is a good external storage, not very expensive, to store photos and some documents.I guess I will need new one and looks like flash drives have kind of expiration date :))
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has the drive been dropped or removed from a pc before it has been 'stopped'. If so it can lose data. What i mean by 'stopped' is when you plug a flash drive in you hear a bing bong and an icon appears in the task bar. To remove the flash drive one should always right click the flash drive icon to safely remove the device.
One thing you could try is show hidden files or folders. This guide will show you how but i wouldn't leave it this way and as soon as your done return to default settings:
Showing hidden files - Windows Help

As for a good external drive I'm not too sure as I've never owned one but other forum users may be able to help you with this.


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Thank you very much. And no , flash was plugged in from one day to another, one days worked next day just showed empty and no available space.Tried with hidden files no change, zero available and empty:((

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