1. N

    Windows 10 SSD Unplugged and Data Lost

    I lost all my data because apparently external ssd's are not hot swappable. Here is how it went: I installed Windows 10 on the SSD and moved all files from the HDD to the SSD while running the OS on the HDD. Then I put the SSD in the laptop hard drive space and booted up, but there were no files...
  2. Herc

    Windows 10 Can i remove the following programs?

    I have 2 files on my desktop, infuser.dll and infuser.ver, Not sure what these files are or where they came from, not sure if they're related to windows 10 or any important system files, wondering if I can go ahead and remove them or if they are some important files needed for something. Just...
  3. usermn

    Windows 8 Cannot delete file, "file is open in Windows Explorer"

    I use Windows 8.1 64-bit and sometimes I have attempted to use Internet Explorer 11. I'm the sole user and administrator on the computer. Under Windows Explorer, I tried to delete the file Windows Explorer gives a File In Use complaint According to Advanced Security Settings for...
  4. usermn

    Windows 8 Cannot delete folder, cannot change permissions

    I use Windows 8.1 64-bit and Firefox 53.0.3. I'm the sole user and administrator on the computer. There is a directory I tried to delete the folder. It says I tried to move the folder to another folder. It says I clicked Continue. It says Advanced Security Settings says I clicked...
  5. C

    Windows 7 Windows Image Files

    Hello again, Can I safely delete old image files made by Windows 7's Backup/Restore-Create a system image once I've created a fresh image ? Regards, Cheemag
  6. PickyBiker

    Windows 10 File corruption

    Something is corrupting files on my computer by putting 3 unprintable bytes at the beginning of some files. The characters are unprintable and the hex values are always the same, EF, BB, and BF There are over two hundred files like this on my system. Most of the affected files have the...
  7. F

    Windows 10 Windows explorer is crashing over and over

    Whenever I try to open windows explorer, after about 5 seconds the window freezes up and so does the taskbar, until I restart windows explorer in task manager. This happens every time I open it and now I can't use windows explorer. Also, I think this happened on a day when I took apart my...
  8. H

    Windows 8 Where are my files?

    If I put a file (picture, song, video, etc), on my Desktop where shortcuts would usually go, where is the file actually stored? Is it stored in the Desktop file? Or is there another place it actually resides? I'm going through a file recovery problem, a want to know where to have my program...
  9. Paulash

    Windows 10 Mixed Windows Environment Workgroup Issues

    I work at a small non-profit that is running about 30 computers that range from Windows 7 to Windows 8. We are connected through a multitude of routers as the connections were established piece by piece. We are trying to set up a Workgroup or anything we can do to try and set up a simple...
  10. Hartley001

    Windows 10 Wrong Target Folder

    Hey Guys, I hope I find everyone well on this hump day. So straight to the problem. I was trying to change the standard Video target location to another Video folder on my second HHD, However I accidentally click on just the HHD, So now my targert location for my video folder is the whole HHD...
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