Changes in desktop after loging in - open files


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Hi all. After loging in on computer, my desktop background was black with icons all around... also got several files opened which wasn't done by me and nobody used my laptop... I assume what it is, but can just somebody confirm please and advise further steps.

If you're thinking is malware I would say it's possible, but most malware is typically designed to be stealthy and doesn't causes issues like you've described unless it's scareware in which case you would get something telling you you're infected and you can pay X $$s and it will be fixed.

More likely you just have a corrupt or temp profile loading.
From a powershell prompt run
it should be something like C:\users\<username>. if it has temp in the path then your profile had an problem and Windows switched you to a temp profile (which often will look very different then your normal profile.
Uh...I do apologies but I do not know what do you mean. So I attached the screenshot... but in all lines I got my user name


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Use anti-malware software to scan your computer for any malicious programs or files. Make sure your antivirus software is up to date before performing the scan. If any malware is detected, then remove it asap