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Windows 7 Font scaling problem - Windows 7


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Jun 14, 2021

From some time (maybe when I installed one of fonts for subtitles) I have a problem with scaling fonts in few texts. 99% of web pages and PDF files opened in the browser work correctly, but sometimes 1% of them get crashed. To the point, they are enlarged and pixelated. For example, I have it constantly on the website of the polish store "morele.net" or recently in sports articles on newspaper website (see the illustration below). At first I thought it was a problem with the sans-serif font, but then I verified the idea, because the font-family is different on both websites. I tried to fix it by installing default fonts, turning on ClearType, checking at browser flags, but it didn't help. I only noticed that after restarting chrome://flags/ browser settings, for a second after entering one of the above-mentioned portals, the font displays normally, and then changes and refreshes to the broken one.

Does anyone have any ideas to fix this without drastic "reinstall the system" moves?

Well... Anyone has idea? I updated my OS to Windows 10 and still the same.
Please help me, I have no more idea... :(

It seems like problem with sans-serif, always some of text is linked to this font.

Also I see this mate has similar issue:
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