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  1. ShivamPandya

    Windows 11 Windows Fonts related issue

    I recently reinstalled Windows and have noticed that many of the fonts are difficult to read. I have attempted to fix the issue by using tips found online, such as adjusting the clear type font settings and editing the registry, but nothing seems to be working. I have included an image for...
  2. S

    Windows 10 One PC, multiple Users = Different quantities of fonts on each accounts

    As I mentioned above in the tittle - One PC, multiple Users = Different quantities of fonts on each accounts I'm using one computer for 2 - 3 people at the same time using program called ''ASTER Control''. And for some reason one account has less files in folder ''C:\Windows\Fonts'' than the...
  3. NikitaHeyland

    Windows 10 Fonts not installing properly.

    Hi, when I install a font, it installs lets say 'semi bold', 'thin', and 'regular' all as 'regular' in the font setting. Therfore when I try and use it in adobe XD, it thinks all of these fonts are the same because for some reason the system decided to call them all 'regular'. I copy all of...
  4. TechSenior

    Windows 7 Font scaling problem - Windows 7

    Hello, From some time (maybe when I installed one of fonts for subtitles) I have a problem with scaling fonts in few texts. 99% of web pages and PDF files opened in the browser work correctly, but sometimes 1% of them get crashed. To the point, they are enlarged and pixelated. For example, I...