Fonts too Light and hard to read


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Often, I have great difficulty reading words and sentences on my PC. The letters are too light and often difficult or impossible to see. I've tried both light and dark modes, but neither makes much difference. I've also tried display settings but nothing helps. Is there any way to make fonts more visible, such as darker, so I can read them more easily/ Thank you. Toshiba laptop, Windows 10 Pro.



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I'd suggest go into settings WinKey + I and go to "Ease of Access" and enable High Contrast.


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Try going through the "Clear Type" configuration. Select only the darkest fonts through to the end - Just type Clear type in the search box and follow the prompts


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Thanks, Neemobeer. I tried your selection and WOW. Lettering really stands out now. I even like the green color, against the dark background, although I know I can change that if I wish.

Thanks also, Dave, for your suggestion. I'll give it a try if needed in the future.