Windows 11 Too small Fonts


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Aug 28, 2022
Win 11.
Too small icons and text difficult to read in:
desktop shortcuts;
bookmarks in Chrome browser;
all folders in My PC.

All known to me actions did not resolve the problem.

To address the small icons and text readability issues in Windows 11, particularly in the taskbar, desktop shortcuts, Chrome bookmarks, and folders in File Explorer, you can adjust the display settings to enhance visibility. Here's how you can make these elements more readable:

### In Windows Settings:
1. Scaling and Layout:
- Go to Settings > System > Display.
- Adjust the Scale and layout settings to increase the size of text, apps, and other items.

2. Resolution:
- Ensure that the display resolution is set to the optimal value for your screen size.

### Taskbar and Desktop:
1. Taskbar Icon Size:
- Right-click on the taskbar.
- Go to Taskbar settings.
- Find the Use small taskbar buttons option and toggle it off for larger icons.

2. Desktop Icon Size:
- Right-click on the desktop.
- Go to View and choose either Medium icons or Large icons.

### Chrome Browser:
1. Browser Zoom:
- Open Chrome.
- Press Ctrl + + to increase the zoom level for better readability.

### Folders in File Explorer:
1. Text Size:
- Open any folder in File Explorer.
- Go to View tab.
- Click on Options and then Change folder and search options.
- In the View tab of the Folder Options, you can choose font sizes for file names.

### Additional Tips:
  • Adjust browser zoom settings for better visibility on websites.
  • Use Magnifier tool (Win + +) for temporary zooming in Windows.
  • Consider the Ease of Access settings for further customization.

By adjusting these settings, you should be able to make icons and text more legible on your Windows 11 system across various interfaces including desktop, browsers, and File Explorer.