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    Windows 10 update making screen dim randomly

    Hello, After updating to window 10 (originally having windows 7) the screen brightness flickers from dim to normal again randomly. I tried fixing it by Display –> Enable adaptive brightness, and change the settings there to Off. which did not change anything. It was suggested updating drivers...
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    Windows 10 The screen is over scanned (zoomed in) when I use the hdmi port

    I like to watch some shows online from my laptop, but I like to display it on my tv. Ever since the windows 10 update, everytime I display on my tv via the hdmi port, It doesn't display the whole screen, it's only zoomed in about 105-110% but it's still enough to keep me from controlling the...
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    Windows 8 How to turn off the display when pressing power button in windows 8.1?

    In windows 10 there is a option called Choose what the power buttons do in power options, in that drop down list there is option to turn off the display when pressing power button. now i have installed windows 8.1 because of windows 10's bugs such as PC not shutting down completely and Critical...
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    Windows 7 Turning display setting off after X minutes

    Hello all: I just installed Windows 7 with SP 1 last week on my HP Pavilion desktop. I'm trying to have the screen go to black (or screensaver) after, let's say, 15 minutes. I set it and "save changes" but it never goes to black or screensaver. The screen just stays on. I've tried several...
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