Private Character Editor (EUDCEDIT) tranfering bitmap between Windows installations



I'm using for personal use Private Character Editor aka EUDCEDIT instead any font editor for creating custom characters.
I have lot of private characters created in Windows 8 and 8.1. Now want to give them back. Problem is not transfering and linking.
Problem is when I open EUDCEDIT, I cannot see bitmaps - only empty chars. I can edit/update all of them but always must to copy whole bitmap and edit it generally.
This problem appeared first time in Windows 10.
Linking I did this way:
1. overwrite EUDC.TTE in Windows\Fonts folder
2. in Registry Editor linked common font
3. opened EUDCEDIT and manually linked with all fonts.
All characters are back. But when I want to edit bitmap, I see never imported or updated and even also edited in current system.
It is not new problem, but now I need to shift down many of characters (over 100 chars) and copy/paste bitmap is not applicable - this work can be for weeks, if it can be without this bug it is work of single day.

I think I do in import process any mistake. I don't have other Windows 10 installation to test other way, so I need help.
I think it can work maybe this way:
1. link EUDCEDIT empty bitmaps with all fonts.
2. link common font in registry
3. copy EUDC.TTE
4. link characters with all fonts in EUDCEDIT
But how to test it? Only one way is possible excpet new installation - virtual machine.But I have to test all Windows I'm using? Before Windows 10 this bug never happened.

Thank you for all.


Ok, maybe somebody did it and I'm one of them. No matter how many years we are/were in IT, this is not answer or help.


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My point is I don't have high hopes you'll get an answer, but perhaps someone can help.