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New syndication efforts are being made to make and readily available to the great majority of the Internet. Much of this information will hopefully include breaking information about Windows 8 in the future..

In an effort to improve the Windows 7 Forums experience, we are now syndicating nearly all posted content directly to the Windows 7 Forums Facebook Fan Page. While we have utilized this technique before, our new syndication plan includes:

All new forum threads
All new blog entries

And these pages will occasionally host important information or notices for the wider Internet community.
Our reasons for doing this are to allow for full eventual worldwide syndication of all information that passes through our systems.
This methodology will allow for more exposure of member interests, including the possibility that new visitors to the website, from around the world, will find a question, and potentially answer it.

Not only has this new technological innovation been implemented on Windows 7 Forums, but on the new Windows 8 Forums website, where we hope to process and host an environment for our members which discusses some of the latest rumors about Microsoft’s successor to Windows 7. Some of these technologies include sensor technology, which would allow a computer to turn on and off when a person enters the room.

Patent information in a new Windows 8 blog posting on Windows 8 Forums shows that some of this technology may well be used in the new operating system, though a release date and official information has not been presented by the company.

Our new syndication capabilities should be exciting for veteran members and long-standing members, alike. By outpouring the mass amount of information that flows freely through the Windows forums, we are hoping to capture a wider audience, who can join the Windows communities that have been established.
Please check our Facebook pages, and Twitter page, to see this technology available now, live, and in action.

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