Windows 11 FPS Drops and GPU Bottleneck


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My laptop is Dell G15 with RTX 3060, 16 gb RAM and i7 11th gen. My monitor is 2k 165 hz.

Usually I played my games on high graphics like assassins creed 3 and valorant and received 165 fps constantly.

But in the last week i am facing constant fps drops in all of my games even in medium graphic settings.

FPS drops from 165 or 144 straight to 10-15 and my GPU utilization goes from constant ~85% to 100% and my CPU utilization goes from ~60% to 5%.

What might be the reason for this.
More times than not it's due to a driver bug. Either check for a newer GPU driver, or if you recently installed a new windows update you can try removing, reboot and see if that resolves the issue.

From a Powershell prompt type Get-HotFix if one has an InstalledOn date that coincides with your performance issue theres a good chance that is the cause.
There is no GPU, windows, or even optional update available. I always keep everyting up to date.

And on running gethotfix there doesnt seem any update like u mentioned..

I have a weird gut feeling that maybe my power adapter "might" be getting loose every few seconds or something like that but idk how to test this hypothesis. I tried holding my cable still and pushed inside without moving it and it still drops fps here and there.

Anything else that could be a reason for this? getting pretty annoyed by this cuz not able to enjoy any of my games.

If i cannot fix it in a few weeks will probably reinstall windows.

Also is there any software using which i can know what exactly is going on with my gpu and cpu while gaming. like some sort of log.

This is a benchmark i ran with all graphic settings on highest.
Mosty the fps remained around 70ish but it often dropped to less than 20 and stayed there for few seconds which should not be happening.
Just from searching the internet. There was also a performance issue with Nvidia GPUs relating to bug with Discord, so if you run Discord you can either test after completely exiting Discord or make sure it is up-to-date as well.