Free anonymous proxies with encryption to download YouTube mp3?


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I like to listen to audiobooks on YouTube , there are some YouTbue video download sites out there however they normally have a limit to the size eg 2 hours, are there any free proxy sites that can let me do this without my ISP knowing what is being downloaded? Thanks in advance.


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Hey! You can use a VPN for this, but it would be best to find a website to download your youtube videos with no time limit. Yes, there is such an Mp3 Converter. Like you, I had the same problem that I was bothered by this time limit to download music. I struggled for a long time with using a VPN (for which I paid monthly) until I got tired of this whole process. It's not worth it. Some friends heard my problems, haha, and recommended me an Mp3 Convert where there is no time limit. They made my life easier, lol. So I recommend you do the same.