Windows 7 freezing when changing virtual memory

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by spook84, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    i was wonder if anybody could help me with my problem - i was trying to change my virtual memory settings from automatic to custom. setting the custom virtual memory wasn't any problem but when i clicked ok the process froze up. when I tried canceling the process it did nothing. the process was stuck frozen for a few minutes but i still had control over my pc. I had to eventually hard booted my pc.

    any ideas?

    cpu: e4700 2.6 @ 3.47 oc'd
    mobo: asus p5n-e sli
    ram: 4 gb ocz fatality oc'd
    v/c: xfx 8800GT 512 ram oc'd
    s/c: x-fi xtreme audio - pci
    h/d 3 drives- C: western digital 160gb eide(win7-main)
    D: western digital 160gb sata(winxp)
    G: western digital 500gb(data)
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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Asus and Vista had problems with programs unexpectedly terminating/losing responsiveness etc so I'd say because windows 7 is just a 6.1 version of vista...that some of those problems still exist..

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