From mac osx --> Windows 10

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Thank you very much.

I'm now downloading. Today wife is swimming with the oldest daughter so have some free time :)
Time to play a bit with the software. Weather is not that great. Perfect Sunday! ;)

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What is typical, or bad luck, that my windows has crashed now 2 times while on this forum. Yesterday and after I posted the update few minutes ago.
Using edge, since I like that browser.

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Seems microsoft edge does not like this forum.

Testing went faster as I expected.

Have installed Adobe program trial. 4.1 gb. and installs a lot of microsoft c++ or something like that. Download is 1.7 gb.
Started with an project 10:40, and completed 11:34. Just straight on. put in some movie files few effects. During rendering it looks like it stops for some minutes, and then carry on. Somehow the file ended up with just 3 minutes of video. Perhaps an limit of the trial software. No idea.
During the test I checked the mem usage regular, 1.4- 1.6 gb. Processor most times a bit over the 60%
System felt real sluggish. Even Itunes, what I always have running for background music, stopped a few times.
Deinstalled the adobe program, and had to manual remove all the microsoft C++ things..

Installed 142 mb. Download is 56mb. Didnt see any signs of other software installed.
Did basically the same as in Adobe elements. Started 11:40 amd completed 11:53. And I had the full 27 minutes video in the file.
System stayed much more responsive. Itunes kept going. Checked the memorywhile rendering and it was around 350 mb usage and processor didnt reach 40%

For me personaly the winner is Movavi. I do not need all extra things that most likely are installed with the Adobe program since it is 4.1 gb vs 142 mb.
To be honest It looks and works a bit like iMovie so it had already an headstart vs Adobe. When you open the program there is no real thinking needed. The program understand me, no need for me to understand the program like Abobe.

We get there with the software. Now an sort of iPhoto program. :) On the other hand the build in program is doing an pretty good job to. No real need to get other software for it.

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Small update.
Noticed that with tasks the harddisk was almost constantly around the 100%. Means that everything stopped a bit and I was waiting.
I had similar things with the macbook pro back in the days. Time to work on this. And with some YouTube movies help I removed the ssd drive from the macbook pro and installed it in the HP. Gladly I have those recover dvd's. Within some hours it was up and running again.
It is amazing how fast the system feels now. Everything responds directly. Starting up the laptop / applications is just a matter of seconds.
It is an S amsung 840 EVO 256 gb. Did some reading, and there is no need to use defraggler anymore with an ssd.

Still happy with windows 10 and the Movavi software as described above.
Have cancelled my subscription to the macfan magazine. I'm over to the windows camp :)
At the moment there are no things that i'm missing from the mac. Have found an work around for the photo's / iCloud.

Today decided to buy 2 extra year warranty for the system. Didn't feel good that I only have 5 months left of warranty.


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the harddisk was almost constantly around the 100%
Thats normal at boot time and is Windows sorting itself out... should not be doing that all the time however.

there is no need to use defraggler anymore with an ssd
No you should not defrag a ssd or a shdd... it can (over time) be mildly harmful and older Microsoft versions have been proved to still be doing this even when they shouldn't... it was a storm in a tea cup imo but Microsoft fixed the issue in wx so thats something good that came out of it.

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Things going better and better. With the ssd drive the system in doing great.
Have got myself another present. Did upgrade the memory with another 8 gb.
16 in total now.

Perhaps later in the future an larger ssd drive. Now using an external drive for video edit.

Using this system more as the Mac when it was alive.

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

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Small update :
At this moment I have the system lets say 1 year.
Coming from an complete apple environment, I'm slowly moving to Microsoft.
The laptop is just ridiculous good. I got to love that system more and more.
Meanwhile I stepped in the office 365 program. And I like it.

I love to take pictures and shoot video. And this is something I do with my iPhone 6S. Basically my wife and me are doing that. And using iCloud to store the photo's. Problem is a bit that our photo library grows pretty quick, and means that the iPhone 's are running out of space. With iCloud if you remove an picture / video from your iPhone it get removed from the cloud as well.
Since a few months I'm trying on my iPhone the OneDrive app. I have disabled iCloud on the iPhone. And just using OneDrive. And that works pretty good. It is not perfect, neither is iCloud for us.
My next thing is switching from the iPhone to an Microsoft mobile phone. Need more info about that, and if this is a smart choice.
For example we are using apple music on our iPhone's. As far I know this is not working with Microsoft mobile phone's. Must have an serious look into this.

My goal is basically to leave the apple eco system and move completely to Windows. Really happy surprised it works just great. At the moment I'm paying for 2 services, iCloud / Office 365. And want to bring back to 1.

For now I'm really liking windows 10. :fdance:


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In reference to the space issue I plug my IPad into my computers USB port using the charge cord and transfer all of my video and images to the hard drive in my computer using File Manager.

I have stuff going back years, that I'm still saving.
Pretty sure it works the same with the phone.

You can also sync them apparently using the cord, but I f just prefer to do it manualy.

How do I transfer data from my iPhone to my computer?
Follow the steps below to set up syncing.
  • Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version.
  • Connect your device to your computer. Use the included USB cable to connect your device to your computer.
  • Find your connected device. ...
  • Click on your device. ...
  • Turn on syncing. ...
  • Sync your content.

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Hi Mike,
In the past I was using this method only to. Since there is iCloud functionality I prefer to keep my photo's as well in the cloud.
And yes I keep an copy on my NAS to. And the NAS is being back-up daily to an external usb drive. In fact they are 4 times saved. On my computer, NAS, iCloud. And even OneDrive since some months now to. So I',m pretty good covered.
My goal is to drop iCloud functionality and go for OneDrive. Since I'm paying for both services. Will keep my NAS and backup to the computer.
My NAS is btw having 2 disks, in mirror. This summer 1 disk got defect. And replaced with a new one and back in business.

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Meanwhile our step is taken. Last year I decided to move from Mac to Windows. It started with an hp laptop. Suprise since today I have an lumia 950.
The apple services are stopped : Apple music / ITunes Match / iCloud storage.
We have moved completely from Apple ecosystem to Microsoft 365 ecosystem now.
The past week we have moved from Apple music to Spotify family. And stopped the other apple services.

Must say that I really enjoyed the apple ride the past (many)years. It just works without troubles.
I remember when I got the windows 10 HP, the first things people advised me was to install tools to keep the system going.
And I did that. Running these tools every few days. And till now I do not notice any issues. As mac user I was not using any of these tools on my mac's.

Now we are on the Microsoft side. Our documents / photo's are at the OneDrive. And that works just as it should be. Good thing is that my wife here iPhone has more room for more apps.
With the shared iCloud photo library you could not remove pictures from your iPhone and keep them on the iCloud. We had to use optimize phone space, still that is consuming lot of memory. It is possible if you had the option to remove pictures on your iPhone and keep them on the iCloud that we had stayed with apple. Except the laptop.
For now I can say we both like the new way of using the Cloud for our pictures and video.
On our iPhones we had the OneDrive app. Everyday we started up that application to synch the pictures & videos. Afterwards we deleted the pictures & videos from the iPhones.
Not sure how this is going with my new lumia 950. Perhaps this is now done automatically. That is fine to.

So in short. Last year completely using the apple ecosystem. Since a few days back we both moved to Microsoft.


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Thanks for the informative update!:D I have many Clients using both platforms, and many are moving away from Apple to Microsoft due to cost and Cloud storage and syncing limitations.o_O There are lots of problems there as you've seen.:( Dual-platform is the most work, and takes the most expert kind of skill to keep things working. I do have a very few who are trying to swim against the tide, so-to-speak, and switch from Microsoft to Apple, and those are tricky due to the way that Apple Cloud storage manages their i-devices, so it's really difficult to explain to them that if they want to go all-Apple with all their devices and storage, they have to suspend or remove all the Windows-based tools on the Cloud such as the OneDrive and GoogleDrive apps. Most of these folks don't seem to have an advanced understanding of how computers work, so they resist moving to a single platform; especially when their spouse or family members (kids, grandkids) have devices and computers that live on the Microsoft platform. So they continue to experience platform-incompatibilities due to trying to keep everything on i-devices (Apple) but they won't or can't give up Microsoft apps for Cloud storage or backup.:hopelessness:

Best of luck and keep us informed of any new wrinkles that pop up on the W10 platform.


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Did your Mac Book suffer from any of the graphics chip related issues before it went black? It may be covered for a few more days for motherboard replacement. 2011 Mac books were notorious for graphics chip issues and Apple will replace the motherboard for free if that was the case (but only for a few more days!) Details here: MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues - Apple Support

I'm all for Windows but if a Mac book can be revived at possibly no cost to you, why not (and there's always Bootcamp) :D

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Thank you for helping.
Indeed an issue with the videocard. Have checked this indeed already when they announced it to be repaired.
The model we have is not supported. It is an early (13') 2011 model where the intel card has given up. At least it give up when it is warming up, thats my theory at least. The first 20 minutes I can use the system. Then it goes bezerk.
First I thought memory issues. Because it start beeping when it goes bezerk. Replaced mem / hdd / reinstalled os etc etc.

With the new prices of the apple books, it is an final farewell :)


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Thank you for helping.
Indeed an issue with the videocard. Have checked this indeed already when they announced it to be repaired.
The model we have is not supported. It is an early (13') 2011 model where the intel card has given up. At least it give up when it is warming up, thats my theory at least. The first 20 minutes I can use the system. Then it goes bezerk.
First I thought memory issues. Because it start beeping when it goes bezerk. Replaced mem / hdd / reinstalled os etc etc.

With the new prices of the apple books, it is an final farewell :)
Well it was worth a shot! :)

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Well it was worth a shot! :)
Yes it was. And I hope you (and others) keep doing it. Especially now in my new windows ecosystem adventure :)

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