Windows 7 Fujitsu 5535 Laptop - Atheros Wifi & Sis Mirage 3 VGA driver problems


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May 8, 2009
Hi all - I really hope you can help.

Just thought I would try out W7 7100 beta on a spare partition on my Fujitsu Seiemens Esprimo 5535 laptop and I have the following issues, wondering if anyone has an idea? :(

1) The internet is veeery slow. The correct driver is installed for my Wifi card (Atheros AR5007EG), I've tried a new downloaded driver, the one that W7 came with and the one from the W7 update catalog.

Symptoms - Google loads up ok, MSN and any other pages take an age if working at all. My IP address is all set up ok. This has the knock on effect of Windows Update not working....

2) If I let W7 install the SIS Mirage3+ drivers itself I can only select 1024x768 as the highest resolution (I should be able to do 1280x800). If I use the downloaded driver from W7 update catalog or from SIS I can also only get 1024x768. If I use the standard VGA driver I can get 1280x768, close but not good enough.

Any ideas...this is a bit nuts as so many people have no problems with W7!!

As a bonus (sort of) I can now browse my Recorded .wtv TV show on my HTPC from my laptop. Playback is a tad rough due to the VGA drivers issue...but it show my network connection is ok


Here's the Hardware ID's for the both:

Sis Mirage 3 Graphics

Atheros AR5007EG

Thanks in advance for the help :razz:
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