Windows 7 Problem with driver network


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May 28, 2013
Hello everyone, okay?
I'm new here on the forum, so I'll introduce you.
I'm 14, I live in Belo Horizonte, play dota for some time, and also quite like computing the influence of my brother who is technical.
Anyway, my problem is the following:

I formatted the computer a client of mine (arrived at by saying yes)
So far so good, he wore xp, told me to install 7 ok, I installed everything properly formatted, that's when I came across the INTERNET was not working (he said he had no driver for the network card) that's where I ask your help because I am fighting a BATTLE MILLENARY since Tuesday with this driver.

The name of it is the motherboard: Intel ® Desktop Board D201GLY2A
I went to the Intel website, I tried to find the driver got, bad was giving the following problem after the installation ended'' Fail to instal drivers''
The other day I went home, downloaded the AIDA64 and saw what devices were'' unknown'' to lower them, and this list was the unknown driver WELL SAID, andnot got his name: SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
So I downloaded the driver, installed and gave the same problem'' Fail to instal drivers''
I thought it was some compatibility issue, I went into device manager, uninstalled the ethernet driver, installed and restarted the pc kept giving the same problem, no network signal. I looked on a few forums and found nothing similar to my problem, or any file that actually worked, and I know not what i do, if it continues I will have to find a way to download the win xp to install it on his PC, I went there today and could not solve the problem again, he told me to go back Monday so I'm asking for your help, if you're someone with a similar problem, or have had that can give me a help.
Ah, do not know the right settings pc bad it is practically so here

Processor: Athlon 64
Memory: 1GB
Motherboard: Intel ® Desktop Board D201GLY2A
HD 150

I really need help guys haha, please.
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