Windows 8 Full-page Animations Using IE10


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Aug 28, 2007
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Internet Explorer 9 introduced support for CSS 2D Transforms. Internet Explorer 10 Developer Preview added support for CSS 3D Transforms and CSS Animations. By tapping the power of your GPU and running asynchronously from regular JavaScript, these IE10 features provide a more performant and flexible alternative to traditional script-based animations for Web content.

In previous blog posts, we covered CSS 3D Transforms as well as CSS Animations and Transitions. In this post, we introduce a more “unconventional” use case for these technologies by describing the concept of “full-page animations” that can be used during the navigation process to add fluidity and continuity to browsing. Our target is to achieve a seamless browsing experience in which content smoothly appears into view when the user visits a page and transitions away when he clicks on a link or performs a relevant action.

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