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    well im currently running win 7 64 bit i have a a sony brava KDL-40Z4500 , i would like a list of pros and cons of etcah product would be appractied but first im just wondering if i can do the following

    play PS3 games and blu rays in 3D on my tv ? and max res ? ( via HDMI)
    capture PS3 gameplay via black magic intensity pro( or other capture cards ) - via HDMI using DR hdmi to fix the HDCP problem ? plan would be to upload to youtube -
    im also looking for a way to record headset audio - my voice and the other players voice so iv no clue on what head set i would be chasing all i have for now is the first run sony set and an old Motorola....

    oh also is the power supply on these products AC or DC ? as i would need to buy a different plug

    i think thats all or tho im just wondeirng what product will be the best value for money and at what cost ? pros and cons of the following that apply to me

    HDfuryIV , DR HDMI , ( would i need an emitter ?)
    3d displayer , other ( weighing up the cost)
    black magic intensity pro ( if you can name a PCI card better suited )


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