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Try to bring life back to this group my favorite gaming moment was when I finally beat ocarina of time for the first time and watching Ganon Fall.


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I wanted to answer you because this area has been so neglected its not even funny. Fallout 3 - I finally made it to the outskirts of D.C. at level 3, am being attacked by some super mutant, some other weird slimey creature, and some professional human raiders or something... I am throwing grenades left and right in Matrix-style slow motion. Finally after throwing around 5 or 6 grenades I kill the super mutant and get his gattling gun. My legs are crippled... I use the gattling gun to mow down all my other adversaries in slow motion as well.. this is like the greatest action so far in any game since Quake or Doom. This is intense (in case you don't know.. Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting outside and in Washington, DC area). I am encumbered and can't run - I'm out of health.. I am thinking everythings great now since I have this gattling gun.. I can handle just about everything. I've been playing for 3 hours. All of a sudden, I hear 3 clinking sounds.. I look above me and see a piece of highway.. I guess the capital beltway.. someone up there threw THREE grenades at me.. I try to run but within seconds I'm annihalated. I watch my death in slow motion as the explosions ripple across my screen. I hadn't saved the game in 3 hours. Worst and most dramatic death in any video game ever.


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I've got many favourite moments in games from the Master Chief to being a Psychic bad ass in FEAR. My all time fav though is just walking through the early morning sunshafts in STALKER:Clear Sky. With the settings on max it never fails to impress although even at lower settings it's still an awesome sight.. Why I like this buggy bloody game so much I'm not sure.. In the zone it's got to be headshots or there's a good chance you die plus the game is very good at sharpening up your aiming skills with a mouse and k'bord..


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For me, I still regard my LAN PVP 6 players on C&C Zero Hour comeback as not only my greatest win but my best comeback in history....

Basically I was using the steath terrorist side, all the other 5 players had decided I was the biggest threat and they all tagged up vs me and SW'd me to oblivion....or so they thought...I faked them out with some fake base buildings and some verbal abuse and pretended i was running around with just a stealth handful of infantry, when really I had sneaked away quietly about 30 minutes earlier with just my essentials and a few black markets (all stealthed) away from all the battlefields.

All my mates being cocky twats and started yelling abuse at me since they had never beaten me ever, and were all full of over confidence and gloating prematurely by deciding I wasn't worth finnishing off and all turned on each other for power struggles...making my life very easy provided I kept everything stealthed, which I did. In roughly 15-20 minutes I had my base back to full power with about 10 Black markets pulling my income and stealthed, with all my mates too hooked up with thier own problems to be worried about where the heck I was....until they noticed 6 SW's all complete at the same time lol...gradually i chewed everyones Sw's to zero with my 6 in a row blasts and took the win in roughly 2 hour uber match.

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