Windows 7 Games Poker,cribbage bridge

I am looking for a Texas hold em Game i can load on windows 7.
I do not want to play against others on the internet I just want to play against the computer.
The same goes for cribbage and Bridge
Any help in this would be appreciated just a pointer to where I can download them

Thanks, It is a Limited use version and has expiration date, I want A free ware program of Texas Hold em

Thanks for your help, most of them have some type of restriction and they want you to purchase them. This is something I am not willing to do at this time. The one you pointed out changed my desktop resolution and displaced a few of my desktop objects and had a 60 minute restriction

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You wont get a free good Texas Holdem. I searchedx all over. I use Tics Texas Holdem.

There is a freeware Texas Holdem game that is quite good.

I only play it against my computer, on the menu select Game->Start local game. It works fine on Windows 7, exactly as it did on XP and Vista. I don't have a clue about using it to play online, never tried it. I seem to remember this as an open source project but just checked and don't see any mention of that.


Thank you very much


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I only play against my computer. I would not play online. How would you know who is dealing what cards to whom?
Anyway thanks for the link. I could not find a free one.


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Oh I get cha now.
Sorry I couldn't find you a freeware game.

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