GameSession has Ryse Son of Paris for free

Excellent find Keith. If I remember correctly the game developer is Crytek so graphics could be good?
I'll find out once the super slow download finishes. My internet got 115Mbps. download, but the download from GameSources is ranging from 4MBps-35Mbps at best.
It's been downloading for over a hour now and still has 8GBs. left.
Glad I still use FeedDemon I found it through a TechRadar post about 2 hours ago.
Finally done downloading. Look's pretty good. Keyboard and mouse only, though. No game controllers.
Have fun with it. I only played the 5 minutes so far.
I have to wait for my leg to stop burning non-stop, before I can mess with my pc more.
Leg infection from my surgery is back again.
Right now, I have to take my shoe, the brace I got for it and my sock off and lay down every hour or so.
I saw my x-rays yesterday before my surgeon came in the room.
It look's bad, 25 screws between each side of my calf and ankle.
I did a search online and found out the Xbox controllers do work in the pc version of the game. Weird that in the settings it only shows keyboard and mouse.