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May 24, 2009
I'm running XP Pro, and installed Win 7 on a second hard drive so I could dual boot (which worked fine). I'm an admin for both boots, as well as the only user. I've now managed to hijack almost all of my access with Win 7 via those "You do not have permission to access this folder. To take permission, etc etc etc" and "You do not have access, check the security tab" things. My entire "My Documents" folder is now in read-only access when I'm in XP.

I've tried taking permission of the folder and then giving complete access to all users (via the security tab/advanced/etc that I saw for someone else with a similar problem), but I still get "Access denied" when trying to do anything to it while in XP. I've tried setting the permissions specifically for "Administrators", "Everyone", "Users", "Power Users" and had everything checked, but still no dice.

Is there any way to fix this or did I screw myself over? Will deleting the Win 7 install "unlock" my folders in XP?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I'm still having this same issue, only now Win 7 isn't even booting all the way. It goes to a fixing errors screen and stays there for hours without actually doing anything. When I unplug the hard drive Win7 is on, my XP won't boot.

I was debating reformatting and reinstalling Win7 on the second drive and trying again to give permission back to my XP Admin account, but now I'm not so sure anything will help.

I really don't want to have to kiss my My Documents folder (among others) goodbye forever, does anyone have any suggestions?
I'm having the same issue. The permissions system is basically locking me out of my computer one file at a time. have you tried going through the command prompt? I had some success with a couple of files this way. check the second post here . It might help.
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