Getting ready to blow up computer

I am TRYING to upgrade to 7 from vista. I ran the windows 7 (Damn lost for worda) upgrade compatibility from micorsoft. It gave me software issues. They have been resolved. I did an upgrade install. When rebooted it gave me a choice of windows setup or vista. Well I chose windows set up. After what seemed to be forever I finally came a screen the said windows security enter user name and password. Any thing I enter I get something stating that "that dirctory either does not exist or was not created. HELP!!!!!! To much softwared to lose.


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I have read of FAR more problems with the upgrade install. Do yourself a favor, save your data, do a Custom (Clean) install of Win 7 directly over the Vista install. Reinstall all your apps and start with a pristine installation.

When you install directly over Vista, the installation will create a folder on the root directory (C Drive) called windows.old which contains the entire old OS. You can open this folder and get all your data and drag it to the new OS, then delete the folder (using the approved method from MS)

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I'm another who wouldn't go the upgrade route. There are just to many problems. It hasn't work well in any of the past systems that MS offered upgrade on.

The biggest problem is that I dont have the key to all of my software. Me and my wife seperated and when I moved out I lost some stuff and that is one of them. Me and her get along fine and she has looked for me but no luck


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Try the free version of SIW. That will/should locate keys stored on your PC. Scroll down the page for the free version.

And here is the funny thing to sme people. I am a ham radio operator. So I am supposed to know about all things electric. No I dont. If you need me to build an antenna to talk to China I can do it. Otherwise I am screwed.

One More question, if I dowloaded Office 2010 online can I get or make a copy since I did not actually have a hard copy? I have the key now... Computers are not my thing.


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If you go to get the office installer it tries to give you the on-line one. By refusing this and going to the "I can't download this thing" (something like that!!) you get a "proper" install setup.exe

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