Getting windows 10 with no physical copy

John Mark

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I am upgrading my computer's mother, cpu, and ram and am having to do a clean wipe on my hard drive to do so. My question is, once the upgrading is said and done and my hard drive is completely wipes, how do I get windows 10 back without a physical copy? I bought windows 10 when I was on windows 7 and downloaded an installer that upgraded me, and have linked my account to my digital license, but don't know how I can get windows 10 back after this wipe as I have to physical copy. This is my first time doing something like this and would love some help on this.


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this page from Microsoft will allow you to download a copy of the Windows 10 iso to burn onto either disk or usb. Once created you can boot from this to install windows 10, don't forget when asked for an activation key to click 'I don't have one' as your account is now a digital one and will auto activate when you get online.

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